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Astrologer Sarita Gupta describes the astrological aspects affecting marriage or love marriage. When a couple decides to tie a knot then everything seems like heaven. But what causes love break after the marriage. Consuting the horoscopes of both the life partners with a dextrous astrologer before marriage can get off the upcoming problems in the marriage.

Are there any planets which can have adverse effect on marriage? As per astrologer’s point of view, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn & Mars can cast their spell on your marriage. Their dasha, mahadasha & transit can make the crystal clear image of the upcoming problems in the marriage & cause love break.

Astrology solutions for denying love break work really wonder. The person should donate, chant mantra and wear gemstone to deny love break. Instead of undergoing pain of separation or divorce, its better to consult an expert astrologer for Astrology solutions to deny love break.

As per Astrology solutions for love break, one ought to take a lock and key. Then, throw the key in the water keeping the lock with you.Hence, the bitter relation of spouses will begin to turn sweet. Worshipping tutelary deity or kuldevi can also work miracle in strengthening the matrimonial relation. The spouse can recite ‘Kaamdev Mantra’108 times a day under astrology solutions for love break.

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