Bhagwat Geeta & Bhaagwat Geeta

‘Bhaagwat geeta’ conveys the goodness of god while ‘Bhagwad geeta’ is conveyed by god ‘himself’.Our soul changes its body like a cloth while acquiring new body. The right of doing creative things is restricted to human only, not to animals since the aim of their birth is fixed to dedicate their life to work only.

As mentioned in Bhaagwat Geeta & Bhagwat Geeta, there are four categories of human. First, the one who lives in past (fool);second, who lives in future(coward); third, who lives in present(selfish) and fourth, who lives in society as its integral part. The traditional practice of living in society has been diminished now. Hinduism,islam, christanity and sikhism are not religion since they separate people into sects.

Authentically seen in perspective of Bhagwat Geeta & Bhaagwat Geeta, caste defines personal approach, community describes division of thoughts, society is considered as extremely superior and religion is like a sky that never formulates boundaries.

Hindu religion symbolizes the vastness of sindhu river and sacredness of pious ganges river while community/pant is the like silt gathered by the holy water of ganges river on its bank. The enlightment ignited via education diminishes enmity and disparity that had been built due to ignorance,illiteracy and karma.

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