Bhagwad Geeta Ep-11

Bhajgovindam Bhagwan Shankaracharya has written once in a scripture, \”गुरु ते गंगा सागर गमनम प्रतिपालम अथर्व दानं ज्ञान विहीनं सर्व मतेन मुक्ति भजत न सर्व|\” connotes how many times have you visited Ganges and how much have you donated; all will be futile without conquering almighty. Darkness is removed by lightening. Likewise, literacy is emancipation while iliteracy in bondage. All intellectual personalities are unanimously agreed over the fact that no eternity can ever be won unless seeking god inside. For instance, a poverty-striken girl namely Rabiya was searching needle on the road. At sighting her, passersby asked what she was searching to which she replied a needle. Then, another passerby asked where had she lost it. She replied, \”in the room\”. Hearing this answer of Rabiya, he asked in dilemma if she would have lost it in the room then why was she searching it on the road. She innocently answered that it was because there was light on the road while the room was dark where it was hard to find that. Similarly, enlightenment resides in to which we seek outside in substantial prosperity, it was the gist of her recitation. Bhagwan Buddh scripted in his \’Dhamm\’, \”अप्पा दीपो भव|\” which delivers the message to be a lamp of your own since others\’ lamp will not be worthwhile for you to end the darkness inside. The lamp, here, stands for enlightenment which can be lit through meditation and summoning the name of god (Jap) regularly. As it begins to lit up , the light will start dispersing. Once Rabiya was told to look around for cherishing the beauty of nature. She replied that the beauty of enlightened instinct is matchless which can be attained through frequent effort and practice. The hard crust of old tradition and culture can be broken by the hammer of enlightenment that will result in awakening of sub-conscious mind. Once a poor man begged for 20 years and eventually died.The people sanctified that place where he used to beg after cremated him. They dug the ground a bit and to their greatest surprise, a hidden treasure was buried at the very spot where the beggar used to sit. He used to cry for the wealth throughout his life but remained ignorant of the fact that wealth was underlying him. Similarly, treasure of enlightenment is blessed to us by almighty through which all grievances get terminated automatically but slight effort is requisite. However, the search has been conducted of the outside world such as distance has been measured from moon to earth; from the fathom of the ocean, height of the mountain has been exploring Mars but human being is still far away from the knowledge of spirituality housing inside. Enlightenment means the knowledge of oneself. The day this knowledge would be discovered by you, spiritual wealth, satiety, peace and placidity will come to you. Foreigners have discovered and invented just materialistic substances while saints and the master of literacy in India have the treasure of knowledge leading to enlightenment. Now,foreigners are inclining towards India for learning scriptures and meditation since no profound knowledge of spirituality and intellectuality was scripted in any other holy book of the world. Afterall, our spirituality is enriched with intellectuality which was found by Mahatma Buddha, Bhagwan Mahavir, Nanak Dev, Kabeer and Meera etc. Our holy reformers were wealthy of such knowledge that is gracious. Though the world has riches of materials yet there is spiritual poverty prevailing in the world that is causing tension, depression, conflicts, war and restlessness. Peace and rest will be established in the world provided that spirituality would be procured. Pootna epitomized ignorant iliteracy that represents substantial pleasure whereas her brother Saktasur symbolizes worldly pleasure. We seek satiety and pleasure in external goods while awakening of sub-conscious signifies pleasure residing inside. We stuff cart with wealth, i.e. materialistic. But uncertain jostle of god turns that cart turtle and we get buried under mounting grief though the substantial treasure stays there. Conclusion goes that the day such awakening would be spotted by you, no poverty can ever strike you since you have not found pleasure in worldly goods. Outer world represents alluring dream and once we have awaken, every other pleasure appears futile. Dreams is nothing except lie. And when our enlightenment lits up then the truth, itself,conveys that we have lost nothing since we did not bring anything. Saints and religious reformers, like Meera, Buddha and Mahavir, won satiety. But human chases luxuries and comforts, not just because his needs are superfluous but it\’s because we want to prove our capability to get testimony and recognition from others to show off. It\’s just the arrogance and egoism of an individual that is causing illiteracy. As vast the dimension of ego as more ilitrate the person would be.

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