Bhagwad Geeta Ep-10

As the sermon recited by Swami Swatantranand Saraswati goes lord krishna took birth in prison of Mathura and thereafter, he was delivered to Baba Nand in Gokul where the eve of Krishna\’s birth was celebrated with pomp & show. When Vasudeva landed in Mathura with \’Yogmaya\’ then the gate of prison got shut; handcuffs were put on and the guards awoke automatically. As the girl began to cry as guards rushed to Kansa for sending message that the eighth child of Devaki had been born. Since Kansa had threat to his life from the eighth child of Devaki, he ran towards the cage where he pounced upon the girl and raised her up for bearing her down to the sill. Acquiring the face of \’Ashtabhuja Devi\’ (eight handed goddess), the girl thrashed Kansa while making prophecy that the god had been incarnated to end his life. At hearing this, Kansa called his demons while commanding behest to slain down all infants in his dynasty. On the other hand, Pootna\’s instance began to be delivered. Pootna was \’Ratnabala\’, the daughter of King \’Bal\’ in her early birth. When the god went to King Bal in disguise of \’Vaman\’ then his daughter \’Ratnabala\’ began to imagine herself to be blessed with the similar boy as being his mother. The desire of breast-feeding flourished in her heart. But as the Vaman confiscated his all wealth, she got annoyed and wished to poison that boy if she would have been his mother. Pootna, in disguise of a civilized woman, reached to poison infant Krishna by feeding him. Krishna sucked her blood while summoning the act of virtueness done by her against which she was going to meet eternity by the god himslf. Eventually, she died. Then,her brother namely \’Saktadura\’ was sent by Kansa to avenge with krishna who exerted his pressure and weight upon the wagon beneath which lord Krishna was lying in swing. Then, the third demon was deployed on the same work. These scriptures are just sources or ways to formulate the conclusion and develop your own point of view to review and judge the matter, For instance, watching full moon through the your guidance is just a way to show the sight; on the contrary, holding the finger of the guide pointing to watch moon instead of having its exact glance will not be the correct way to move to progression or reality. Words are limited while almighty is limitless. It\’s impossible to fasten the infinite god. God is eternal and making him visible will be an impossible deed. The scriptures and preachings are the directive principles instructed by that almighty to meet eternity. The gist of every religion is acknowledgement which evokes self-consciousness; however, substantial knowledge is found in abundance but since the day you would come to know \’yourself\’, every knowledge or education will seem wanned. At that moment, satiety and peace will settle in your core. The quest of treasure resembles like mirage which would be fake that assigns nothing except avarice or materialistic goods and above all, God resides inside.

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