Back Ache | Piles | Constipation | Naturopathy Treatments

For back ache cure, soak wheat (1 fist) in water overnight and grind it in the morning. Cook and have it. Also, soak a towel in warm water consisting of salt and place it at your back to come out of back ache. Then, lie your front side down with hands folded under the chin. You have to kick your hips by your legs. This exercise will also help in relieving pain of legs. Avoid sugar. Take turmeric and munakka in milk daily in the evening. Apply turmeric, honey and choona on the back to cure back ache.

For overcoming piles, drink lemon in milk daily for fifteen days. First, boil the milk let it be cool down and then put lemon in it. You can consume it any time. The patients of piles ought to drink grapes’ juice early morning. They can have buttermilk (chach); put aesofetida and cumin in it. Piles patients ought to avoid fried items. Eat boiled food. Also, don’t consume too many spices. Eat chapati made of wheat, gram (chana) and barley. Also, apply oil in the belly button before going to bed.

For constipation, tie a wet cloth around your stomach. For piles, the institution also provides a treatment of six months.

For curing the problem of dark circles, keep your stomach clean. Have buttermilk i.e. thin curd. Also, take proper sleep for getting rid of dark circles. For achieving proper sleep, put salt and alum in warm water and dip your feet in it for some time. Before sleeping, put munakka and turmeric in milk and have it. Apply turmeric and honey paste on the face and wash it with rose water for removing dark circles.

As per Naturopathy treatments, some women have pain in legs before periods. To solve this problem via Naturopathy treatments, drinking lemon milk is one remedy. Also, warm your knees and apply paste of turmeric, honey and slakelime (choona). Avoid sugar. Tie wet cloth around the stomach.

Varicose Veins is another disease. Naturopathy treatments have solution to this problem. Warm your legs with water consisting of salt and alum for 10-15 minutes. You should do an exercise in which you ought to keep your legs straight against the wall. Now, move your legs upwards-downwards. It will be painful but will be beneficial. Boil 200g water, 200g milk and 20g garlic (in summers 10-15g), consume it in the morning and evening for a week. Skip after one week. Drinking salaaki juice will also help in opening up the nerves.