Ayurvedic Treatment | Naturopathy Tips | Anil Bansal

Ayurvedic treatment suggests naturopathy tips. Acidity can be controlled by having Vedic-amrit. Anil Bansal gives some naturopathy tips. As per naturopathy tips, doob grass and buttermilk with cumin seeds (jeera)and asafoetida(heeng) so that calcium would get produced to strengthen bones.

As per Naturopathy tips, you should have a clove of garlic dipped in honey in pacifying acidity.

Anil Bansal advises if pain has been arised due to acidity then take a towel soaked in hot water. The water should have salt and alum mixed. Now, according to health tips rub the soaked towel all over the body.

According to Ayurveda treatment, you ought to suck harr (herb) all day. Taking notice of Health Tips, you ought to develop the habit of having a cup of hot water before and after taking your meal to avoid acidic problem.

Anil Bansal’s yoga expertise suggests to do Abha-mandal yoga everyday.

Jaundice is a liver problem. As per naturopathy tretment, it that can be avoided by having buttermilk along with cumin seeds and asafetida. Health tips suggest to prohibit intake of food preserved in refrigerator, maida items and include gram, barley and wheat flour’s chapaatti everyday.