Astrology Tips to Get Job

Gram Singh ( born on 6.9.84 at 7:06 p.m. in Pratap Garh) wants to consider astrological aspects affecting his prospective possibility of marriage & career. AS per astrology, his horoscope confirms that he has taken birth in aquarius ascendance while his sign is capricorn. The 10th aspect indicates \’kuldeepak yog\’ due to presence of mars there, that is constituting the certainty of attaining government job. Ketu is impating in the mahadasha of Rahu. The inauspicious period will last till 7th October, 2013. \’Mangal angarak dosha\’ & \’anshik kaal sirp dosha\’ are causing inflictions to him. AS per astrological solutions, he ought ot wear sapphire; arrane parihar poojan to eliminate the inauspicious impact of \’Kaal sirp dosha\’; & please Ketu through religious rituals. Srivarsh Mundal (born on 13.9.81 at 5:15 in Kolkata) desires to know if he should pursue his medical profession or switch out of it. AS per astrology, his horoscope indicates that he is born in Virgo ascendance. Since 2008, the evil eye of Saturn has been putting hurdles in his career. \’Sampoorna Kaal sirp dosha\’ & \’mangal angarak dosha\’ are stricking him severely. He ought to arrange \’parihar poojan\’ for getting rid of \’mangal angarak dosha\’ & \’kaal sirp dosha\’; wear 9-mukhi rudraksha while enchanting the mantra \’om pram preem prom shah shanishcharaaye namah\’; pray to lord Shani; perform the ritual \’chhaya daan\'(by watching your shadow in an iron utensil filled with mustard oil & a coin in it); wear an emerald gemstone and keep fast on full moon night. Vinod Kumar Sharma(born on 26.8.68 at 8:55 a.m in Jaipur) is desirous to seek astrology based solutions for getting a good job. As per astrological conclusions, the sun, moon, Jupiter, venus and mercury have been allied in the aspect of kutumb (family). The 2nd aspect is occupied by Jupiter. Mercury is impacting in the mahadasha of Jupiter. As per astrology, he is inflicted with \’sampoorna kaal sirp dosha\’, \’Bhagyaheen dosha\’, \’lagnadhipati\’ & \’chandra grahan dosha\’. He ought to perform ritual \’parihar poojan\’ for acquittal from \’chandra grahan dosha\’, \’kaal sirp dosha\’ & \’bhagyaheen dosha\’; keep fast & donate a cow on full moon night; wear Topaz gemstone and enchant the mantra \’om gram greem grom shah gurve namah\’. Amandeep Kaur(born on 7.9.89 at 10:15 a.m in Punjab) has query relating to her prospective chances of arranging matrimony. According to astrology, her horoscope concludes that she has taken birth in libra ascendance & Rahu is impacting in the dasha of mercury. \’Surya grahan dosha\’ & \’mangal angarak dosha\’ are agonizing her. As per astrology solutions, she ought to do parihar poojan for escaping from the inauspicious impact of \’surya grahan dosha\’ & \’mangal angarak dosha\’; put on emerald gemstone; enchant \’katyaayani Devi\’s pathh\’. Puja Jha (born on 25.2.87 at 12:55 p.m in Katihar) wants astrology based solutions to settle her marital disputes. As per astrology, her horoscope indicates that she has taken birth in Gemini ascendance. Mars is inposing infliction. SHe ough to feed yellow sweet rice to poor on every Tuesday; pray to please lord Shiva by pouring milk containing dry fruits; put on emerald gemstone and perform \’Mangalaa-Gauri poojan\’ at her temple in Nasik.

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