Astrology Tips for Marriage

Sadhna Sharma (born on 27.7. 1985 at 10:30 in Delhi) wants to confirm about the marriage and life of her daughter. As per astrology, she has been born under pisces ascendence while her sign is Scorpion. The lord of her sign is housed in 9th aspect while the lord of ascendence is in 11th aspect. The sun is impacting in the mahadasha of Venus. As per astrology, her professional as well as personal life may get affected. The alliance of the sun and mars in 5th aspect is causing infliction as both represent \’fire\’.Shani Chaandaal dosha and the lord of benefits is Saturn are creating troubles in the arrangement of her matrimony. After 27th September, 2013 will be the right time for organizing her marriage. She ought to arrange religious rites to remove the formerly mentioned astrological defects from her life. Manju (born on 20. 9. 1979 at 11:30 in Gurgaon) desires to know about her prospective marriage and qualification. Her horoscope reveals that mars is housed in the aspect of ascendence, i.e 4th aspect. And it has affected her education and health. She is born in gemini ascendence and its lord is mercury. Ketu is impacting in the mahadasha of Rahu. The period till 5th March, 2013 is full of sufferings. The sun and mars are allied together in 4th aspect causing diseases and Saturn in 7th aspect causes delay in marriage. Arrange religious pooja for ending the yuti of Mars and the sun. Besides, appease saturn or lord Shani through worshipping. Mangalik dosha adds failure and loss in the life the bearer. Existence of Saturn, Rahu or Mars in 3,6 or 11 aspects ends mangllik dosha itself as per astrology.The degree and period of planets (in childhood or adulthood or adolescence) help in determining the actual inflictions or astrological defects for which an astrologer ought to be consulted. Remedy for ending mangalik dosha is mentioned in astrology but first, the person should consult an astrologer to examine his/her horoscope.

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