Astrology Tips for Financial Problems

Surendra Singh (born on2.7.1966 at 12 a.m. in Rajasthan) has queries regarding familial balance & economical problems via the reference of Astrology. As per astrological conclusions, he is born in pisces ascendance in the sign \’Aries\’. The lord of ascendance, Mars, is housed in 7th aspect while saturn is in the aspect of ascendance though it is the lord of \’benefits\’. \’Chandra grahan\’, \’matri-rin\’ are inflicting him. Mars is impacting in the mahadasha of Mars. He ought to arrange special poojan for appeasing Mars & saturn and remediate via vedic rituals the negative impact of \’Chandra Grahan\’; amoint lord Shiva with Ganges water; Consume ganges water himself. Satish Chandra Tripathi (born on 24.5.1983 between 12 & 1:30 p.m) wants to ask about his prospective future and job. According to astrology, his horoscope reveals \’Lakshmi Grahan Yog\’, \’vish Yog\’ made by Saturn. Rahu is impacting in the mahadasha of Jupiter which is inauspicious for him. Subsequent to 26th March 2013, he would witness some beneficial changes. He ought to worship lord Narayana; keep fast on \’full moon night\’ (poornima) and offer irk to moon with unboiled milk; arrange \’Satya Narayana Kathha\’. Rohit (born on 31.12.1980 at 9:09 a.m. in Gujarat) desires to know the astrological aspects & solution coinciding foreign visit. As per astrology, his horoscope indicates that possibility of visiting abroad has been begun since 1999 & the intensive coincidence will last till 22 September, 2013. But \’Mangal angarak dosha\’ & \’sampoorna Kaal sirp dosha\’ have been causing interruptions in abroad visit. He ought to recite \’Hanuman Kavach Pathh\’ on every Tuesday till 108 times; afterwards, arrange havana (fire offering) to please Mars planet; do \’parihar poojan\’ for averting the disaster of \’kaal sirp dosha\’ & \’mangal angarak dosha\’; wear sapphire gemstone also. Sangeeta wants to ask about the astrological factors responsible for complications in business & health of her husband (born on 15.3.1971 at 5 a.m. in Shahjahanpur). According to astrology, \’Lakshmi grahan Yog\’, mahadasha of Saturn are imposing inauspicious spell in his life. He ought to keep fast on every Monday & alongside, offer special \’irk\’ to lord Shiva which should be comprised of Turmeric, flowers, rice & itra in Ganga-Jal (ganges water); do poojan of Goddess Lakshmi; remediate \’Lakshmi grahan dosha\’ via rites based on vedic astrology; wear sapphire for getting entertained with the special blessing of lord Shani also.

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