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Vikas Sharma (born on 9.6.1990 at 8:45 a.m. in Jammu) wants to seek astrological solutions for enhancing concentration and aiming success. According to astrology, his horoscope reveals that being born in cancer ascendence, his sign is Sagittarius. The presence of moon in sagittarius sign forms \’gaj-kesari yog\’ since birth. But he is stricken with \’sampoorna kaal sirp dosha\’ and \’shani chandal dosha\’ while mars in 9th aspect, i.e pisces ascendence, is indicating excellent opportunity of getting government job in destiny. He ought to arrange remedial religious rites as per guidelines of astrology for removing \’kaal sirp dosha\’ and \’shani chandal dosha\’. Venus in 10th aspect is signifying virtuous karmas. Destiny opens its gate by providing numerable resources to be benefitted with \’buddhatiya yog\’ that is in his fate. But he ought to respect his father as the sun in 11th aspect is pointing towards his bad relationship with father. Besides, he ought to recite \’Aditya Hridaya strota pathh\’; offer water to the sun and respect his elders; or do \’surya chalisa\’ everyday. Our scriptures narrate that the sun-sight equates witnessing god. Thus, people used to offer water to the lord sun early in the morning. The sun symbolizes confidence while power is granted by the father. Pitri-dosha in horoscope or disrespecting father points that fear is going to enter into our life. The blessing of father or parents gives courage and boosts confidence. Similarly, the sun is assumed to be the father of this Universe and thus, absence of its light conceives nervousness, anxiety and unrest. Vedic astrology advocates to welcome sun before its rising in the morning with a mug full of water in order to offer him and give respect to parents, then depression will get out of your life automatically by the blessing of the sun. Karanveer Singh (born on 16.11.1989 between 4 and 5 in Mathura) is eager to know about his career through the reference of astrology. As the exact time of his birth is absent, Prashna-kundali is prepared which conveys that he ought to shift the place of searching job. He ought to appease lord \’Kuber\’ by reciting the mantra \’om kum kuberaaye namah\’. Besides, offer kheer and itra (fragrance) before the deity kuber till 7 poornmasi (full moon night).

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