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Alka is anxious to get acquainted with the astrological solution of the business & economical problems troubling to her son-in-law (born on 11.6.1972 at 4:30 a.m in koti,Haridwar). As per astrological solutions, his horoscope depicts that he is inflicted with \’Vish-dosha\’, \’Amavasya dosha\’ (it is related to debt) & \’sampoorna kaal sirp dosha\’. Planets cast problems into human life by virtue of committed karma. Mahadasha of \’Labhesh\’ (Jupiter) has been occurring since 2000 & the Venus is impacting in it which is indicating that the era of failure will start from 10th December, 2010 & inauspicious time will continue till 30 May 2016 that are pointing towards accidents and complications. He ought to arrange \’poojan\’ for appealing Lord Shiva to grow \’concentration\’ of mind; keep fast on Monday; recite \’mahamrityunjaya mantra\’; perform poojan to appease \’lord Kuber\’; Feed \’kheer\’ to a cow on new moon night & circumambulate it 21 times; wear 9-mukhi rudraksha also. Virendra Rudhiyal(born on 23.6.1978 at 11:15 p.m in Meerut, U.P) desires to know through astrology whether he will achieve success in getting government job or not. As per analysis of his horoscope, he is distressed due to \’lagnadhipati dosha\’. Money has been flowing into his account since 2010 but be alert as the period of downfall will start after March, 2013. He ought to remediate Ketu via rituals. Jupiter is supporting to fetch him a good ogvernment job due to mahadasha of Mercury & the influence of the sun. He ought to arrange religious rites to appease lord Shani via his poojan & remediate for \’ladnadhipati dosha\’; recite \’shani strota pathh\’ on Saturday; donate an earthen lamp to lord Shani. Anjanaa(born on 4.12. 1983 at 8:20 a.m in ludhiyana, Punjab) wants to know astrological solutions for settling a litigation regarding property. As per astrology, Mahadasha of Ketu has been occurring since 2006 which indicates inauspicious time period. She is inflicted with \’Surya & Chandra Grahan\’ and \’guru chandal dosha\’ as well. Mercury is impacting in the mahadasha of Ketu. She ought to enchant mantra to please lord Buddha; donate spinach; feed kheer to smal girls; visit to lord Hanuman temple for erecting a red flag there in order to settle the case. Arti Devi(born on 22.1.89 at 9:05 a.m. in Ambala) wishes to know about her studies & professional career in government sector or not via astrology. As per astrology, her horoscope concludes that she is born in aquarius ascendance & saturn is her lord of ascendance. Mars is in the 3rd aspect. Saturn is impacting in the mahadasha of Mercury. Saturn can coincide success in her life. She ought to offer 1.25 rupees at the trunk of a banana tree while reciting a mantra-\’om gram greem grom shah gurve namah\’ & circumambulating 21 times around the tree; wear emerald gemstone & offer \’modak\’ as bhog to lord Ganesha.

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