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Astrology’ has become a widespread concept now. In 1950, a new science termed as ‘cosmic chemistry’ or Brahma Rasayana was discovered by Jew George Koyli, a scientist. He concluded that Universe is one and all the satellites and planets or other heavenly bodies are united. As per views of this renowned scientist and ‘Astrologer’, our universe is organically united in which the sun is connected with the earth. And moon is related to our earth and so on.

Astrology expert PK Sarna proven it via an example which elaborates that pain is felt by our entire body although it outbursts in head or stomach.‘Vedic astrologer’ describes that our blood streams reverse their flow and route but in rapid mode due to heaty impact of the sun in the month of June and July.

He further clarifies via the instance of moon illustrated by a Japanese doctor ‘Domato’. According to Impact of Asrtology, the uncertain explosions those explode on moon’s surface dilute the blood of male inhabitants living on this earth. Another famous ‘astrologer’ Frank Brown briefs that a visit to space or on any of the planet does not change human tendency which has been experimented via the instance of a potato which kept on reproducing on the planet ‘earth’ after bring it back from its visit from the ‘moon’.

The ‘best astrologer’ P.K. Sarna further illustrates impact of astrology via the link among various human being by an example of twins who take birth from the same womb, both show positive result after their skin transplant inter- changeably without showing any complications. Hence, the heavenly bodies and human being or any other matter existing in this universe are uniquely united and interlinked.

The solutions stated by the ‘best astrologer’ Mr. P.K.Sarna asa Astrology predictions for:

The queries regarding profits and expansion of goldsmith profession enquired by a common graduate Dravidian whose date of birth is 20/9/76 and time is 23:43 are as follows:
Lagan is libra and his lagnesh is in fourth house. The state or ‘dashaa’ is occurring of shani and Rahu where as Brihaspati is lying in its own house. These all conditions state that his jewellery business would keep on booming.
But the real complication may start show their face after the year 2015 due to the wrong state of ‘mercury’ or Buddha. Don’t scared just be ready to combat such issues and situations to tackle.
Wear the gems ‘Neelam’, ‘Pukhraj’ and rudraksha of 5, 9 and 11 mukhi for eliminating any financial loss as well as earning mounting profits.
– Inspecting about the occasion when the marriage will be possible for Manish and the health disorders of Manish’s mother who resides in Delhi and his date of birth is 27/12/74 and time is 9: 04 a.m.

Astrologer PK Sarna makes Astrology predictions as:

His lagan is Makar, Lagnesh is in 6th house and the state of moon is ‘uchcha’.
The state of mercury or Buddha is looking good that is indicating wedding to be held soon.
The state of Brihaspati if pointing to ‘Mangal graha’ or mercury that confirms the outburst of discontentment or sorrow in married life. It concludes disturbed married life in future.
Manish should wear Panna, moti and rudraksha of 2, 7 and 11 mukhi.
Mother should also wear ‘Moti’.
Eventually, Manish’s marriage would be held as per his own choice.
– For astrological solutions via Astrology predictions regarding the architectural structure of a factory. The owner is Mr. Ghanshayam Gupta, a native of Sonipat but his factory is located in Panipat.

Consult your kundli with any good astrologer.
The northeast side of the factory has become heavy due to construction of a new room at the roof on this direction which should not be so.
‘Astrology’ denies the installation of transformer in the north direction.
The entrance gate should be fixed in the east.
The best solution to increase the production is to store or keep the raw material in the southwest or south.
Northwest direction should have provision to keep finished goods for booming the sale.
Keep the switch of yellow bulb ‘on’ in toilet of the factory for unlimited flow of gain.
The sitting position of the owner should be fixed facing towards northeast in the office.
– For astrological solutions of a house as well as in business of Mr. Omprakash Sharma who has been living in Lajpat Nagar for 3 to 4 years.

Toilet, kitchen and puja room’s wall should never be adjoining to one another. Although the wall of kitchen and puja room can be adjacent to each other.
Cooking should be done while facing east direction and the gas stove should be shifted to south.
Puja room should never be fixed inside Almirah as it is commonly noticed since it can be covered with any object on the roof of it.
The puja room should be preferably facing towards northeast.
The northeast or north directions should be exempted from heavy furniture that might have been dumped there.

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