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Astrology tips evoke necessity of matching kundlis or Horoscope instead of guna in detail before marriage. Prefer Swastika, Kalash, charan paduka or Om symbol to cling instead of any mask or any other such object at the front phase of the house as per astrology tips. The ‘top astrologer’ refuses to put any idol of god at the entrance of the house.

According to Astrology & palmistry, those whose Jupiter’s finger is big as worth to be praised as the honor and self respect come to their destiny. The study of Astrology & palmistry warns those whose Saturn finger is big because they have to live in isolation.

As per guidelines of Astrology & palmistry, those who are having big Venus, they would be artistic and creative. On the other hand, great thinkers have big mercury line. The upper part of the thumb denotes longings and wishes whereas middle part depicts logic. These should have balance as per astrology & palmistry. Health and law related risk would keep on threatening you if your fingers have four divisions according to the ‘best astrologer’ Mr. P.K. Sarna.

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