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‘Astrology’ is a science and spiritual belief. The ‘best astrologer’ describes that ‘astrology’ is a science that has the base of factual calculations. Besides, it is spiritual since it unites your eternal aura with the god via spiritual flame which helps to predict the future. ‘Vedic astrologer’ Mr. P.K.Sarna says that future can be anticipated via face reading, foot reading, lines on forehead and palmistry etc. Though the ‘best astrologer’ can predict the time of one’s death and the prospective child in the womb is boy or girl yet these are kept secret. ‘Astrology’ advocates having temple in the northeast direction of the house but if it is established at the centre then the entire energy would be soaked since it emanates and discharges energy in all directions. Wooden temple is considered as the best as compare to that of stone because the former grows in water while latter may get worn out according to the ‘top astrologer’. ‘Indian astrologer’ believes that adorning the picture or painting of god would be pious and beneficial act instead of his statue or idol. The ‘best astrologer’ clarifies that the size of picture should be around 9 inches

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