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The father of Abhijeet Patel(born on 7.6.1991 at 4:55 a.m. in Maharashtra) wants to go through the astrological aspect influencing to his son\’s future. AS per astrology, he is born in Taurus ascendance & his birth sign is pisces. Mars is impacting in the mahadasha of mercury. As being the lord of 10th aspect,Saturn, is housed in 9th aspect. Mars, Venus & Jupiter are allied together in the 4th aspect. Mahadasha of Mercury is existing & mercury is the lord of 2 as well as 5th aspect which confirms \’Buddhaditya yog\’ in his horoscope. He ought to perform rites to eliminate \’vrishabh yog\’ & appease Mercury; donate a cow & spinach or green fodder in a shelter on Wednesday; distribute vade made of black urad pulses on every Saturday among poor; do the ritual \’chaaya daan\’ also. The alliance of mercury & rahu or Jupiter abiding in the aspect of Rahu confirms \’Vrishabh Yog\’ which concludes coincided alliance of malefics in horoscope. Vrishabh stands for a bull & its yog conveys the message of being bullied. It happens due to inflicted lord of ascendance & 9th aspect as well. Your continuous industrious work earns nothing except failure. Lord Narayana is the lord of our destiny as per Hindu scriptures which bestows us luxuries and comfort in life. Since he is the deity who accepted 14 years of exile just to obey the orders of his parents and then, while renuion with them, he washed his parents feet with his tears. Thus, we ought to vow to follow the footprints of lord Narayana. Consequently, our 9th aspect in horoscope will be strengthened which enables \’Raj-yog\’ to be established into your destiny. A daughter of Premahuriya (born on 7.6.1959 at 1 p.m. in Chamoli) wants to enquire about the astrological aspects that coincide to owe his own house. As per astrology, his horoscope briefs that inauspicious time will last till 13th January, 2013 & furtherance, there is \’Raj-yog\’ in his destiny. Moon will render money in his life. He is born in Virgo ascendance. Venus & Mars are allied in 11th aspect. 9th aspect is assuring \’buddhaditya yog\’. Weak situation of 7th aspect concludes bad health. He ought to ablate in honor of his parents. He ought to anoint lord Shiva with sugarcane juice; visit to Somnath Temple dedicated to lord Shiva; appease moon.

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