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Aakash (born on 10.11.92 at 2:25 a.m in Delhi) has a query relating to predicting his future. As per astrological conclusions, his horoscope depicts that he has taken birth in leo ascendance and the lord of it, i.e the sun, is housed in an inauspicious aspect. His zodiac sign is Aries. The dasha of moon is occurring presently. The period till January, 2013 seems full of grief and failure. \’Buddh chandal dosh\’ is striking him with pain. AS per astrological solutions, he ought to offer reverence to any goddess in the temple by donating an earthen lamp till 21 days perpetually; offer \’sweet\’s bhog\’ to the deity; serve the have-nots; present a gift to sister; donate holy scripture in the temple; enchant the mantra as \’om bram breem brom shah buddhaaye namah\’; give honour to father/ gurus and perform \’parihar poojan\’ to get off the evil impact of \’buddha chandal dosha\’. Anjali (born on 28.2.90 at 7p.m. in U.P.) desires to anticipate the future of her education via astrology. AS per astrology, her horoscope confirms that the alliance of Saturn & mars in the aspect of knowledge is putting hurdles on the way of attaining the success in career whereas the strong position of Jupiter goes with her luck as it assures good education in her destiny. She ought to please the malefics,i.e mars and saturn via vedic rites; feed spinach to a cow and ignite an earthen lamp near the trunk of the banana tree on every Wednesday while urging & summoning lord Vishnu. Ekta Sharma (born on 27.8.93 at 6:35 in Gonda, U.P.) wishes to get acquainted with the astrological prediction regarding her career & education. According to astrology, her horoscope concludes that she has taken birth in the Leo ascendance. The alliance of mercury and the sun is exceptionally beneficial that forms \’Buddhaditya yog\’. The lord of 5th aspect is Jupiter as well as mars but both are presiding in the 2nd aspect. Mercury is impacting in the mahadasha of Venus. As per astrology solutions, she ought to religiously feed \’kheer\’ to small girls along with the cow on every Friday; enchant the mantra \’om dram dreem drom shah shukraaye namah\’; & appease goddess Lakshmi via prayer. Woeful lord of ascendance casts health disorder; stricken 2nd aspect assures no name & fame; inflicted 10th aspect confirms restricted career growth due to alliance of malefics or their bad affect. Hence, astrological solutions should be taken into consideration in order to avert the astrological defects in the form of failure or mishap in life.

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