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Best ‘Indian astrologer’ P.K. Sarna has acquired perfection in ‘Vedic astrology’ on the basis of which he makes future predictions. This ‘top astrologer’ concludes that all health related issues arise due to planetary moves and their impact. Whenever the ties between human being and planets are broken, the former becomes victim of it and health related problems start demonstrating their evil effect on his/her health.

Astrology for temples suggests the statue of god should never be placed inside the house. Instead, placing a painting or portray of god or goddess will be fruitful to the inhabitants of the house. According to astrology for temples, bells and conch should not be used while performing any religious ritual inside the house because the authentic place of installing any god’s ‘Idol’ along with bells and conch is a temple.

Astrololgy for temples advocates for adorning a temple made up of wood, silver or gold instead of stone or marble since wood grows in water while stone wears out easily. The ‘top astrologer’ guides via astrology for temples for establishing the temple in the north-east corner of the house.

The most suitable direction for bedroom is southwest direction for constructing a master bed-room. As per ‘accurate future predictions’ & direction for bedroom, all bed-rooms should be located in the south direction whereas children’s bed-room should be situated in the northwest corner. The ‘astrology’ confirms inflow of prosperity with the correct sleeping position involving head in the south direction as the best direction for bedroom.

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