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Astrology plays significant role in defining reason of either blessing success or cursing with failure.9th aspect subscribes success and failure in life. Inauspicious impact of malefics will form \’grahan yog\’ of the lord of 9th aspect, \’angarak dosha\’, \’Chandaal dosha\’ and \’kaal sirp dosha\’. These astrological defects will never allow you to come out of stress and it would be inevitable to avert such disaster in your life. Hence, everyone ought to consult his/her horoscope (birthchart) with an astrologer to know the reasons of sufferings. For instance, An individual is born in Aries ascendence;the lord of it is mars.Saturn is in 10th aspect. Astrology confirms that the relation of mars and Saturn is inauspicious yet the significant role will be of their position and their alliance with other planets, either malefics or benefics. On the other hand, In horoscope of Aries ascendence, the lord of 9th aspect is Jupiter. Jupiter is famous for reducing the effect of aspect where it steps in. Hence, it puts strife in the life of a person. Astology defines that the person whose ascendence is Jupiter, he would either be wealthy or poverty-stricken. In case the lord of 9th aspect is woeful, we should try to release its woe via prayer and worshipping of lord Narayana. The scripture \’Bhrigu Sanhita\’ has clear statement regarding this aspect that lord Narayana is the rearer of this Universe by fascilitating food, cloths and other resources to us. Vedic remedies have been revealed through astrology based solutions relating to various astrological problems that are affecting human life. We ought to worship deities that play key role in appeasing relative lords of 9th aspect such as lord Vishnu to appease Narayana; lord Shiva to please Saturn; goddess Durga to pacify Mercury and lord Hanuman to mesmerize Mars. Occurence of antardasha within dasha of lord of 9th aspect can fabricate adverse time period full of sufferings. Beseech, perform rituals and other religious rites while summoning the sacred deity for getting blessed with boon. Anil Gangadhar Yajurkar (born on 19.9.1971 at 9:30 p.m. in Shirdi) wants to ensure success through the help of astrology as his professional life has witnessed failures frequently. As per astrology, he is born in Aries ascendence whose lord has occupied 10th aspect. Having formed \’Kuldeepak yog\’, the lord of ascendence has been shifted to the aspect of Saturn to inflict. Since 16th October 2009, mahadasha of Jupiter is victimizing him. Strengthen the position of Jupiter which is in 8th aspect. Arrange \’Satyanarayana Kathha\’ on Poornmashi (full moon night) and offer \’Panjeeree\’ after praying to lord vishnu along with \’mangal angarak dosha parihar poojan\’ and religious rite to end \’kaal sirp dosha\’. Till 16th June 2014, his time will be worse. So be aware and follow the advised rites. Atul (born on 28.9. 1982 at 10:30 p.m. in Jaipur ) wants astrological cure for improving his economical and familial problems. Astrologer concludes that he is inflicted with \’kaal sirp dosha\’ and mahadasha of Jupiter which is exhibited in disease, enemy and debt aspect. Mercury, Saturn, venus and the sun have made alliance in 5th aspect indicating \’sampoorna pitri-dosha\’. Presently, Saturn is impacting within the dasha of Jupiter. Till 4 October 2014, inauspicious time will continue. So, he is advised to respect his father and appease lord Shani by prayer.

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