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Time track & astrology are strongly linked with each other. Time track in astrology plays significant role in Astrology for studies. The ‘top astrologer’ P.K.Sarna elaborates this link through an example of a tree whose bark consists several rings. These rings expand to bigger shape during summer or rainy season while in winter; they shrink to small size.

Describing the role of Time track in astrology, this ‘best astrologer’ briefs inter-relation of human’s past, present and future with time track.

As per astrology for studies based on ‘Vedic astrology’, the practice of wearing rudraksha and offering water to the sun in the morning would enhance their concentration level which would be beneficial from the studies’ point of view. The ‘top astrologer’ guides to place a mirror at the entrance of your house if any telephone pole is standing in front of your house.

‘Vedic astrology’ conveys that growing Tulsi on both sides of the entrance would eliminate the negativity due to pole and establish positivity according to accurate future predictions.

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