Astrology for Relationships

Kundali\’s belonging to marriageable boy or girl should be inspected thoroughly before arranging their marriage for averting future disaster in their marital relationship. A good astrologer should consider the position of Jupiter (guru),venus (shukra), their second and seventh house\’ position along with other planets such as Mars, Rahu,Ketu and Sun. The position of mars and saturn in 7th house is predicted as inauspicious and can be a major threat to spoil sound marital relationship. Astrological solution conveys for arranging marriage with peeple tree if two marriages are predicted via a girl\’s kundali. Do fasting till 16 mondays, tie knot of Lord Shiva and Parvati, smear vermillion of kesar till 45 days on your forehead for eliminating delay in marriage and to sort out marital problems too. Astrological measures are taken after examining all planets\’ moves and position such as reciting mantras,holy rituals and wearing gems.