Astrology for Relationships

Anita (born on 25. 6. 1975 at 11:15 p.m in Delhi) wants to know about her future and possibility of having son through astrology.Astrology says 5th aspect of anyone\’s horoscope shows the possibility of having son. Her horoscope depicts that the sun and Saturn has made their alliance in 5th aspect. Before conveying any remark regarding having son, astrologer demands the simultaneous examination of both spouses\’ horoscope.Her lord of ascendence is housed in 5th aspect that confirms possibility of a son in her destiny as per astrology. Though the sun in 5th aspect is putting hurdles in the fulfillment of her desire. Appease the sun through worship and by arranging essential rituals. It is advised to check the ascendence of her husband which may point towards no son in his destiny. Anju (born on 13.10.1982 at 1:30 p.m. in Bulandshehar) wants to know the causes of conflicts between both,husband and wife. As per Indian astrology, Saturn in her birth-chart is housed in 10th aspect, Ketu in 12th aspect,the lord of 7th aspect, i.e.Moon is in the 8th aspect. As per astrology, \’Sampoorna Kaalsirp dosha\’ in 6th aspect from 12th is inflicting her. Venus is the lord of 5th aspect in her birth-chart that has arranged early marriage. But the lord of 5th aspect is allied with the sun which has ended love. Astrology acharya Vinod ji suggests that she should do fasting on every Friday in honour of \’goddess Santoshi maa\’;appease Lord shukra (venus) for establishing love and harmony in married life. Anuraag (born on 4.3.1982 at 3:28 p.m. in Faridabad, U.P.) wants to know the reason of tiff and quarrel with friends and which option should he choose, either business or job? Astrology conveys that his horoscope is depicting \’gochar\’ or devastating period due to Rahu in 2nd aspect since 19th April, 2011. He may fall into deep depression. Therefore, he should not be depressed and avoid weaving dreams. Lunar eclipse (Chandra grahan) means your heart has been exhausted. His birth chart has the same defect which can be treated through keeping fast on every Monday. He should offer unboiled milk with few drops of Ganga-jal in it to lord Shiva; dischage barley in flowing water till 41days on every Saturday while enchanting rahu mantra \’ॐ रांग राहवे नमः\’. He should avoid investing in business since this is the alarming time that confirms loss; and pay respect to mother. Mother of Armaan preet singh (born on 19. 2. 2004 at 10:12 a.m. in Barnala) wants to know about her son\’s health. As per astrology, his lord of ascendence is housed in 6th aspect. Moon and Saturn are conspiring to form \’vish-yog\’. Take him to Lord Shiva\’s temple and right ॐ नमः शिवाय by sandalwood on 108 bel patra (quince leaves) and smear vermilion on lord Shiva\’s idol. Eastablish \’Mahamrityunjaya Yantra\’ at pujaroom and and make sure that he should worship it. Isolation is caused due to infliction by Moon or bad impact of malefic in 2nd aspect. Do fasting on Pooranmasi (full moon); visit to the bank of any river or flowing water; offer milk, silver coin and rice to moon while summoning the same deity. Then every trouble and failue will be ended.

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