Astrology for Promotion in Job

Peace of mind can be judged through the aspect that is next to aspect of ascendence in Horoscope. It is known as \’Kutumb bhaav\’ or aspect of family. Existence of malefics (sinful or unfriendly planets) in the aspect of ascendence predicts ill luck to be fallen soon as per astrology. Woeful 2nd aspect along with the alliance of inauspicious planets (malefics) is the prime reason of clash with children and familial conflicts. The period of sufferings will create differences with your relatives. During such adverse circumstances, all near and dear ones should strengthen their relationship in order to avert any lawsuit, stigma or false allegation due to conspiracy of malefics and defective 2nd aspect as per astrology. And then no one will accompany you at the time of repentence. In case your 2nd aspect (kutumb Bhaav) is not defective then your family will always stand at your side during any miserable circumstance. For instance,On being informed by Sumant to lord Rama that his mother \’Kaikayi\’ has summoned him. He ran barefooted through the crowd to his mother. This incident from epic Ramayana clarifies that inspite of being imprisoned in troubles, your family will never leave you alone if your 2nd aspect is fine in birth-chart as per astrology. But evil eye of malefics can lead to enormous destruction as happened in case of Ravana who was the most learned man and biggest devotee of lord Shiva but malefics conspired and he was killed by lord Rama.As per astrology,ego is conceived in the heart of an individual due to woeful 2nd aspect. This ego breeds proud and suspicion. Hence, all of our relative depart by leaving us alone. Parents should advise their children to do generous acts and build the character of repentence in them. So that, any sin committed unknowingly by them may not harm them unto severity. Repentence will prevent them from any allegation, lawsuit and social stigma. Pleading for pardon does not make you dwarf, instead, your repentence will eliminate bad name that has been put on you due to indulgence in evil acts. Bliss and happiness will enter into your life for sure through reverance and good acts. Anil Kumar (born on 15.5. 1971 at 5:45 a.m in Maharashtra) wants to know the name of benefics(friendly planets) and about his promotion. His horoscope briefs that he is born in Aries ascendence on which Mars leaves the greatest impact, the sun impacts 5th aspect while Jupiter leaves impact on 9th aspect as per astrology. Jupiter is his lord of destiny that is housed in the very inaspicious place, i.e. 8th aspect. He got government job due to \’kuldeepak yog\’ through the influence of Mars. But in association with Rahu, mars has inflicted \’mangal angarak dosha\’ and being lord of 5th aspect, the sun is housed in 2nd aspect with Saturn. These defects have been restricting his promotion since 2006. As per astrological suggestion, he should arrange \’Mangal angarak dosha parihar poojan\’ to strengthen the position of Mars along with Surya poojan. Chant \’Aditya hridaya strota pathh\’ continuously; do surya namaskar and donate honey on every Sunday; Offer red flowers and water to Surya to ensure good health and promotion in job.

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