Astrology for Money Problems

Neema (born on 5.10.1987 at 5 a.m. ) desires to know about her love marriage. Her horoscope tells that Rahu is residing in 7th aspect while the sun, Ketu, Venus and mars are housed in ascendence. They all are impacting 7th aspect which confirms that there are negligible chances of love marriage. After 24th November,2012 , her love marriage will be possible. Diagnose and remove astrological defects which are \’solar eclipse\’ (surya grahan) and \’mangal angarak dosha\’ by arranging \’mangal angarak parihar poojan\’ for assuring the possibility of arranging love marriage. Divesh kumar Gupta (born on 23.7.1980 at 3:35 in Ahamedabad, Gujarat) wants to know about career or job. His horoscope is depicting fine position of Mars in the aspect of benefits because lord of ascendence in the aspect of benefits assures financial gain. But solar eclipse is meddling in the way of success. Remove such defect by arranging necessary ritual. Venus is impacting at the current mahadasha of it,itself. Feed \’Kheer\’ to small girls on every Friday and get their blessings; tie moli on Neem tree on every Wednesday and light an earthern lamp till 90 days to appease goddess Durga. Chandra Shekhar Verma (born on 28. 9. 1958 at 5:45 in district Almora, Uttarkhand) wants to know about the future of his catering business. His horoscope is conveying that there are defects namely eclipse due to Moon and Ketu, laksmi grahan dosha, budh chaandaal dosha and solar eclipse also. Saturn is impacting in the mahadasha of Moon. These all defects show occurence of ill luck. Follow rituals to remove such defects. He has a risk of facing allegation from enemies.Visit to Lord Shiva\’s temple on Monday and appease him. Wear 9 mukhi rudraksha as soon as possible. He should establish \’Meru-yantra\’ at home for success in his catering business. The ritual recommended to everyone for appeasing goddess Lakshmi for frequent flow of financial fund is to visit Lakshmi-Narayana temple on the first Friday of Shukla Paksha. Put holy offering which should have a betel leaf, supari (betelnut) and Rs. 1.25 at the feet of goddess deity with reverance and invite them at your home via worship. In the same evening, draw a rangoli at your home; adorn it with flowers and fragrance.Subsequently, chant the hymn \’ॐ हृम लक्ष्मयैः नमः\’ there and then, offer \’kheer\’. Follow this ritual till 1 year for witnessing miraculous result in terms of financial stability. The common ritual to get employed in a reputed job is mentioned ahead: Take holy bath in river ganges on Monday or alternatively, you can pour little \’Ganga Jal\’ in the water that is kept for bathing. Afterward, visit to Lakshmi temple wearing white cloth; offer a garland made up of 108 lotus flowers, then chant \’Lakshmi Strota pathh\’.Subsequently, distribute white sweet among small girls and feed \’kheer\’ to a cow for achieving success in cracking an interview and get a job.

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