Astrology for Mental Disorders

Krishan Yadav(born on 16.9.1982 at 11:25 in Fatahpur, U.P.) wants to know through astrology that when would his marriage take place and also, about astrology aspects responsible for his mental stress. As per astrology, his birthchart shows \’amavasya dosha\’ and \’shani chaandaal dosha\’ as astrological defects. Mahadasha of Jupiter is taking place and Saturn is impacting in it. Saturn testifies patience. Ketu and saturn are allied in 5th aspect which confirms hurdles in arranging marriage. Arrange holy rituals or poojan for removing such defects. He ought to donate a cow on Wednesday. Kirpaal chand(born on 7.2.1977 at 2p.m. in Punjab) wants to know about his career. His birthchart confirms financial loss due to alliance of Ketu with lord of benefits and \’guru chaandaal dosha\’. He should worship Banana tree while summoning lord Narayana on thursday; wrap gram lentil, jaggery and a coin in a banana leaf and move it around his body 3 times while enchanting \’ॐ ग्राम ग्रीम ग्रामशः गुरवे नमः \’ or \’ॐ गुरवे नमः\’ with reverence. Lakshman Singh (born on 30.1.1966 at 4p.m. in M.P) wants to know about his future.As per astrology, his birth chart shows gemini ascendence and the lord of it, Mercury, is allied with the sun in 8th aspect that reveals ambitious attitude but \’Sampoorna kaal sirp dosha\’ and \’guru chaandaal dosha\’ and yuti of Mars and Saturn in 9th aspect (aspect of destiny) are causing astrological defects. Arrange poojan to appease mars and Saturn, subsequently, do \’pathh of Hanuman Chalisa\’ 1,25,000 times. Rajider Kaur (born on 19.1.1978 between 6 and 6:30 in Gurdaspur, Punjab) desires to confirm the time of her marriage and reasons causing weak economical condition as per astrology. She is born in cancer rashi and the lord of her ascendence is housed in the aspect of benefits which is fine. As per Astrology, Ketu in 9th aspect is causing \’bhagyaheen dosha\’, Mars in ascendence is causing \’Sampoorna Mangalik dosha\’ and the sun in 7th house is causing interruption in her marriage.Arrange \’mangal doshas parihar poojan\’ to avert mangalik defect guided in astrology and worship lord sun. Or, take 21 quince leaves (bel patra) till 9 monday and write on it \’ॐ नमः शिवाय \’ with pomegranate stem and turmeric powder (diluted in water), then visit lord Shiva\’s temple and pour buttermilk on deity\’s idol; offer those quice leaves while chanting \’ॐ नमः शिवाय \’; then, embellish \’Gauri -maa\’. Common ritual to be carried out by everyone for eliminating tension and differences between husband and wife is given ahead:Keep fast on thursday and offer 7 laddu (with sweet gram flour) at the feet of lord Narayana and 7 lotus flowers at the feet of goddess lakshmi.Follow this ritual till 1 year.

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