Astrology for Married Life

Charanjeet kaur (born on 31.12.1987 at 9:30 a.m. in Chandigarh, Punjab) wants to know the astroogical reasons that are causing conflicts in her married life and possibility of government job in future. As per astrology, her horoscope depicts \’Sampoorna Kaal sirp yog\’ and \’Guru chaandaal dosha\’. Jupiter has inflicted 7th aspect due to which her married life has become full of troubles. Moon in 5th aspect has conspired to put allegations against her which will resume for ever. In order to avert such allegations, she has to arrange necessary rituals to appease jupiter and moon along with lord Shiva\’s poojan. The position of the sun in her horoscope is denying chances of getting recruited in government job. From November 2011, she will get chance to visit abroad as per astrology. Chhaya Patil (born on 21.4. 1988 at 5:45 in Thane) is eager to know what astrology says in relation to her marriage time and employment. Her horoscope defines that her stars are pointing to appropriate time for her marriage which has been begun since1 July 2012. Presently, mahadasha of Jupiter is occuring in which mercury is impacting.Feed spinach to a cow on Wednesday while worshipping and circumambulating it 3 times for getting job. Recite \’strota pathh of Siddhkunj\’ continuously and worship in lord shiva\’s temple for 3 Monday with reverence to be blessed with job. Girish Kumar(born on 23. 6. 1982 at 10:10 in Varanasi) has the query relating to his job in IT field, foreign visit and marriage. The lord of his ascendence is the sun and as per astrology, his horoscope confirms solar eclipse (surya grahan) and mahadasha of Mercury. Mercury is indicating chances of earning handsome money along with the possibility of foreign visit in his fate. But 20th September 2012 onward will be the inauspicious time that is going to be started soon. Pray to lord Shiva and recite \’Beej mantra of Rahu\’ till 1,25,000 times and then, arrange fire offering and \’surya grahan dosha parihar poojan\’ for getting rid of the prospective problems or calamities. Gurvinder Singh\’s son (born on 2.2.1988 at 15:37 p.m. in New Delhi) wants to know the auspicious time for his son\’s marriage and whether it will take place in Delhi or outside. Astrology says his son is born in scorpion ascendence and his rashi is mars.Mars is indicating to search his life partner in east Delhi. The defects that are causing hindrance in his matrimony are \’mangalik dosha\’ due to position of mars in 7th aspect and ketu in 5th aspect which has paused the prospective of his marriage. Ketu and Mars, both, need to be appeased through religious rites. Donate jaggery and masoor dal in Gurudwara or in any temple. The common rite to be followed by everyone in order to avert interruptions in marriage is laid down ahead:Adorn Idol of maa durga and then arrange havana (fire-offering) after reciting durga pathh 1,100 times.

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