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Renu Bala (born on 23.2.1985 at 2 a.m. in Ambala) wants astrological suggestions over the matter of re-marriage, preferably love marriage. She is born in scorpion ascendance where Saturn is housed in the ascendance that confirms hindrances in marriage. Mars is housed in the 5th aspect. Mars and Saturn, both, have conspired against your married life and damaged your 1st marriage. April 2013 has sure possibility of your remarriage. Do ‘dosh-parihar poojan’ for appeasing Saturn, arrange ‘kaal-sirp dosh poojan’ alongwith the astrological remedy for Mars. Erect a flag in Hanuman temple and please him to eliminate the negative spell casted by Mars through your prayer in order to assure happy married life. Parvinder (born on 3.5.1984 at 7 a.m. in Haryana) wants to enquire about the reasons causing hurdles in her marriage. As per her horoscope,eclipsed moon is causing restlessness,anxiety,degrading confidence and incarnating fear of befalling inauspiciousness.’Mangalik-dosha’ and ‘mangal angarak -dosha’ are astrological defects in your life.

Every hindrance will be averted by following these rituals:First, discharge a yellow orange in the flowing water on full moon evening while summoning lord Narayana and Moon and move away without noticing behind.Second, arrange ‘Kaatyaayani devi’s poojan’ or recite the mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaye’ 108 times while lighting an earthern lamp (filled with cow’s ghee) and sitting on yellow rag in front of a Tulsi plant.

Vibhor Tondon (born on 21.11.1979 at 9:26 a.m. in Hoshiyarpur) wants to know about the possibility of changes in his job. His horoscope represents mahadashaa of moon alongwith its difference in the same circumstance.

Changes will be witnessed after 22th September, 2012. Saturn is housed in her Jupiter (house of wisdom)aspect which may put hurdles in the promotion of your career. Do ‘Gajendra moksha pathh’ everyday for appeasing Saturn and weave a ‘bandanvaar’ or festoon with Asoka leaves and tie it at the threshold of your studyroom till 3 Thursday and discharge it into the flowing water; feed yellow rice to a cow for successful career.

Anshu Mittal (born on 12.10.1965 at 11:16 at noon in Jaipur) wants to know the astrological reasons and solution for mental stress. Her horoscope briefs that she is born in scorpion lagan. Mahadasha of mars is occuring which is interrupting success and there is threat to your health also.Despite concluding Raj-yog through her birth-chart, malefics (unfriendly planets) will invite problems in her life. There is prime astrological defect namely ‘mangal angarak dosha’ with the influence of Ketu as well as impact of venus.They will be create problems for you. Wear ‘coral gemstone’ to end stress and anxiety.

Ajeta (born on 12.5. 1991 at 8:15 p.m. in Dehradun) wants to confirm about her future life. She took birth in scorpion sign and her ruling ascendent is housed in 8th aspect. Mahadasha of the sun is occuring currently which concludes an ideal time for taking a giant leap in terms of career. The positive influence of moon brings prosperity and happiness in life. But one must check whether there is any impact of malefics on moon, lunar eclipse or any mahadasha relating to moon.After 21st November,2012, her life will be full of success and cheer. ‘Mangal angarak dosha’ in her horoscope shows interruption in the way of your success. Follow the necessary rituals to remove such defect or dosha.

Vijay Kumar Sharma (21.7.1995 at 3 p.m.)is unable to focus on studies. His horoscope indicates that there are astrological defects called lunar eclipse, mahadasha of jupiter will last till 1st september,2014. Moon is the lord of your career, mercury is the lord of wisdom which blesses sharp memory. Arrange ‘chandrama dosh parihar poojan’ for strengthening concentration power; start worshipping lord Shiva and touching the feet of your mother. Common solution to earn unlimited money is as follows for all: visit to lord Ganesha’s temple on every Wednesday for offering ‘modak’ and do ‘ganesh sheersh pathh’ or chant the mantra ‘Om gamganapataye namah’ 1008 times; then, donate 7 bananas and 7 black turmeric.

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