Astrology for Love Marriage

The maker of our destiny is our karma (act). Goswami Tulsidas has said in this regard,”Karma adheen vishva kari raakha,jo jas kare so to tas fal chakha”.The acts,we choose, are the judge of our auspicious or inauspicious fate. Riches and success are the outcome of ideal acts,such as feeding any starving creature, helping the needy, offering water to thirsty etc., that have been performed by fortunate people in their life. End of grief and inflictions that would have been flourishing in our heart can be quenched through deep introspection about our own actions. Lord Shiva has conveyed that deities bless good returns to everyone against the generous acts which one does throughout his life. Lord Krishna has made clear remarks that although he has blessed everything to human being yet they should never be obssessed by the ‘i’ as it symbolizes ego or proud. Egoism can negate even the auspicious alliance of beneficial planets such as the sun in anyone’s life. Being born with the favourable planetary alliance can establish you on high designation yet your egoism can compel your friendly planets to behave negatively similar to our evil karmas. Do good and caste into the river as they would be counted as your auspicious karmas and enormous success will be yours despite being hurdled by innumerable troubles. God will keep on showering his blessing over good-doers even during severe circumstances.

Sapna (13.12.1985 at 11:05 in Hoshiyarpur) wants to know about love marriage. 7th and 5th aspects are victimized by inauspicious planets. You have ‘sampoorna Kaal-sirp dosha’, mangal dosha and kuldeepak yog in your birth-chart. But Rahu in 10th aspect alongwith Ketu is causing ‘angarak-dosha’ which confirms lots of problem while fulfilling your desires. The lord of 5th aspect is Venus (shukra) and the lord of 7th aspect is moon. Yuti of moon and venus will take time. Love marriage is definitely in your birth-chart. Saturn and the sun in 11th aspect convey that you have to struggle hard for achieving respect. Keep fast on every Sunday to appease lord Surya. Defect relating to Saturn will be viewed when people will oppose your decision. Saturn is the lord of your lagan and Mars is the ruling planet that plays significant role in solving marriage related problems. Therefore,follow astrological solutions to appease, both,Saturn and mars planets.

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