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Vinod Kumar Roy(born on 5.12.62 at 12:10 in Azamgarh) desires to solve out his all problems via astrology. As per astrology, his horoscope predicts that he is born in capricorn ascendance & the lord of it is Saturn while residing in 12th aspect. \’Sampoorna Mangal angarak dosha\’ & \’Shani chandal dosha\’ are inflicting him. Since 2006, the mahadasha of ketu has been occurring while saturn is impacting in it that depicts inauspicious time. He is to wait till February, 2013 for auspiciousness to onset. He ought to summon & recite the mantra enchanted in the video while counting rosary everyday; feed milk to a black dog on every Saturday; Visit 9-graha temple with reverence for appeasing it; arrange parihar poojan for \’shani chandal dosha\’ & \’mangal angarak dosha\’; wear 9-mukhi rudraksha also. An individual (born on 26.9.1988 at 7:30p.m. in Hoshiyarpur, Punjab) wants to confirm whether there is some chances of getting governement job or not in his destiny. As per astrological conclusion, his horoscope depicts that he is born in pisces ascendance. Venus is housed in 5th aspect confirms the fulfillment of his wish. But moon is impacting in the mahadasha of venus. He is inflicted with \’amasya dosha\’. Saturn is acting as the lord of benefits belonging to career (10th) aspect. He ought to perform requisite rites relating to \’amavasya dosha\’ and to appease lord Shani. The period till July 2013 will provide him sufficient chances of getting government job; don\’t let his morale down; perform oblation rite in honor of ancestors; offer \’irk\’ to the sun. \”Amavasya dosha\” strikes uncertainty which abandons the gowth of the children and puts hurdles on the way of getting blessed with ideal child;despite having Raj-yog in destiny, fortune does not bestowe any lavish to an individual; the inflicted persons fall in bad company & adopt bad habits as drinking alcohol, gambling etc.; health gets deteriorated, especially liver and digestive system; endure financial loss due to forgery. Amit (born on 17.12.1973 at 1:05 in Mumbai) wants to consider astrological aspect regarding his remarriage possibility as he is a divorcee. As per astrology predictions, he is born in pisces ascendance & the sign is Virgo; moon is housed in 7th aspect. \’sampoorna surya grahan\’ & \’shani chandal dosha\’ are causing infliction. Mars is dominating in the aspect of \’family\’ which will interrupt the smooth sailing of familial life. Saturn is impacting in the mahadasha of Jupiter. Since 14th January, 2014 mars will spread its influence & will coincide the occurrence of his remarriage. He ought to remediate ritually for \’surya grahan\’ along with lord Shani; donate khichdi made of black pulses\’to poor, orphan & have-nots on every Saturday.

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