Astrology for Interruption in Marriage

Mother of Navina Chhabra (born on 6. 5. 82 at 6:10 a.m in M.P.) has query relating to her daughter\’s prospective marriage. As per astrology, her horoscope reveals that she is born in Ariess ascendance and the lord of her ascendance has made alliance with saturn in 6th aspect. The sun is housed in the aspect of ascendance while Jupiter is in 7th aspect. Saturn is impacting in the mahadasha of Venus. Saturn can probably conspire against the arrangement of prospective marriage. The inauspicious period will last till 13 October 2013. She ought to perform astrological remedies to appease dlord Shani and Venus also. Alongside, \’lagnaadhipati dosha\’ must to be remediated via rituals; arrange \’Katyaayani devi poojan\’ for arranging early marriage preceding to \’Gauri Poojan\’ by offering vermillion, saree, henna & bangles etc to her along with reciting \’gauri chalisa\’; Begin this poojan subsequent to taking holy bath in Ganges River. from the 1st Monday of Shukla Paksh by worshiping lord Shiva in the temple; anoint lord shiva with turmeric dissolved buttermilk; then, make the idol bathed by pouring Ganga-Jal (water); afterwards, write the mantra \’Om Namah Shivaaye\’ with turmeric liquid & pomegranate stem on 21 quince leaves to appease lord Ganesha. Nisha (born on 1.8.1990 at 12:05 a.m.) wants to know through astrological conclusion whether she would get job in Banking field of government sector. As per astrology, her horoscope depicts that she has taken birth in Aries ascendance and the lord of it is housed in the same sign. Saturn is abiding in the aspect of \’destiny\’. She is inflicted with \’surya grahan\’ & \’guru chandal dosha\’. She ought to perform requisite ritualistic rites as per astrology to get rid of the aforementioned inflictions; feed jaggery to a cow on Sunday & offer \’irk\’ to lord Surya;make lord shiva bathed with honey on Sunday. Wife of Ranbeer Singh (born on 13.11.1980 at 5:25 p.m. in Punjab) desires to consider the astrological aspect for achieving stability & success in business. According to astrology, his horoscope confirms that he is born in Aries ascendance. \’Sampoorna Kaal sirp dosha\’ & \’sampoorna chandra grahan\’ are causing troubles to him. Ketu is impacting in the mahadasha of Rahu & the inauspicious period of instability will last till 10th October 2013. He ought to feed milk to a black dog on Saturday; perform parihar poojan to get off the evil impact of \’chandra Grahan\’; recite ketu mantra to incarnate confidence and earn wealth.

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