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Santosh (born on 1. 11. 1984 at 2:30 a.m. in Rajasthan) wishes to bring her work on track via astrology based solutions. Her horoscope clarifies that she has take birth under \’leo sign\’. As per astrology, she has been suffering from \’lakshmi grahan dosha\’ and \’Bhagyaheen dosha\’. Venus is her lord of career aspect. Mars in 5th aspect is impacting in the mahadasha of Rahu.Destiny will open the gate of success after 24th april, 2014. She ought to worship lord Surya (the sun); offer water (ark) to lthe sun; feed jaggery to a cow and offer kheer as \’bhog\’ to lord Surya. Shambhu Nayak (born on 2. 1.1985 at 5:55 a.m. in Delhi) wants guidance for choosing career and health via astrology. His horoscope depicts \’shani and buddha chaandaal dosha\’, \’Kaal Sirp dosha\’ and the lord of benefits is also woeful. He ought to vow and arrange parihar poojan relating to the astrology defects as mentioned in his horoscope with reverence to notice improvement in his health and for getting government job.

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