Astrology for Health Problems

Lakhveer (born on 11.1.1988 at 4:30 a.m. in Jalandhar) wants to about his deteriorating health via astrology. As per astrology, he is born in scorpion ascendance and has virgo sign. He is inflicted with \’chandra grahan\’, \’sampoorna kaal sirp dosha\’ & \’guru chandal dosha\’. The alliance of the sun & saturn is conspiring to victimize his health. Mars has been situated at the angle of 2 degree which indicates death. He ought to perform requisite astrology based rituals for averting the aforementioned astrological defects; worship lord Shiva by pouring buttermilk over lord Shiva\’s idol in which itra or sandalwood (the aromatic article mesmerize Venus) should be mixed on Monday in the same deity\’s temple. Mother of Jyotsanaa (born on 7. 6.2011 at 12:o4 a.m in Kanpur) wants to know about her daughter\’s prospective health & future. According to astrology, the period till 13th September 2013 is bad in context to her health. She is inflicted with \’poorna Surya Grahan\’, \’buddha chaandal dosha\’ & \’shukra chandaal dosha\’. The alliance of Jupiter & mars will fetch her name & fame. The lord of 5th aspect is Mercury which may create trouble for her by adding struggle into her life. She ought to perform religious rites as per astrology for eliminating the above mantioned inflictions; donate white cloth, rice & milk in lord Shiva\’s temple on Monday; recite the mantra appeasing to moon. MAnoj (born on 10. 10.1882 between 5 & 6 a.m. in jind district, Haryana) desires to know about his career, health & marriage. According to astrology, the present time is influential period of Saturn. The evil impact of saturn conceives diseases relating to bones. Saturn is housed in 2nd aspect. Alongside, he is the lord of 5th aspect, i.e. disease & debt. He is inflicted with \’sampoorna kaal sirp dosha\’, \’chandra grahan\’. The lord of benefit aspect is moon. He ought to perform \’guru poojan\’, & parihar poojan for eliminating the bad impact of \’kaal sirp dosha\’ as well as for \’chandrama grahan\’; keep fast on Saturday; wear emerald gemstone & 9-mukhi rudraksha; worship lord Shiva with ganga-jal (water).

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