Astrology for Health and Marriage

Shreekant (born on 16. 10.1980 at 5:22 p.m in Karnataka) is hopeful to get astrology based solution against his query regarding marriage & health. As per astrological conclusions, he has been inflicted with dasha of Rahu since 19th February, 2011. He is born under pisces ascendance & his sign is sagittarius. Jupiter is ruling both, sign & ascendance aiding in 7th aspect that indicates health disorder & complications. He is inflicted with \’sampoorna pitra-dosha\’ & \’kaal sirp dosha\’. The alliance of the sun & Saturn in 7th aspect is acting as barrier in arranging marriage. He ought to terminate aforementioned astrology defects by performing requisite rituals as per vedic system; appease Rahu as well;discharge a coconut & 1.25 Kg Barley in running water while summoning Rahu and erect a blue flag at Banyana tree till 41 Saturdays. \’vish-yog\’ & health disorders can be treated well by worshipping Rahu with reverance. Anita (born on 22. 3.1986 at 8:07 Bihar) wants astrological solutions for arranging her marriage. As per astrological conclusions, the intensive coincide has been started since 17th July 2011. By virtue of \’jyotish-sangraha\’, her 7th aspect is woeful due to presence of Ketu & Rahu , the malefic, is casting its evil impact over there. She is inflicted with \’anant kaal sirp dosha\’. The intentive coincidence of her marriage will begin from 16th November, 2013. She ought to appease Rahu through vedic system; donate a blue flag in Ketu temple; Arrange parihar poojan for getting rid of \’anant kaal sirp dosha\’; offer the quince leaves on which \’om- namah- shivaaye\’ will be written(each word on separate leaf) & buttermilk while smearing turmeric to lord Shivas image till 21 Mondays; do Gauri-pooojan as well.Santosh Mishra (born on 15.3. 1981 at 7 Mubarakpur, Patna)desires to know about her husband\’s career via astrology. As per astrological conclusions,Rahu is impacting in the mahadasha of Mercury is occurring but it has been allied with Ketu in 6th aspect. Mercury is the lord of his ascendance and it alongwith Venus is abiding in 6th aspect. He has been inflicted with \’sampoorna Chandra grahan\’since 2010. Moon is the ruling lord responsible for crediting money in his destiny. He ought to worship lord Shiva; arrange special poojan during full moon night (poornamashi); give irk of unboiled milk while worshiping him; perform \’chandrama dosh parihar poojan\’ if possible; feed spinach to cow on Wednesday; recite \’Durga-chalisa\’ in the temple of Goddess Durga; religiously donate earthen lamp there.

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