Astrology for Happy Married Life

Deepak (born on 24.8.1971 at 5:15 p.m.. in Bahadurgarh, Haryana) wants to know about the settlement of conflicts with his wife. According to astrology,where there a woman is disrespected, goddess Lakshmi (wealth) denies to go there. His horoscope indicates that he is suffering from \’mangal angarak dosha\’ and Rahu is casting evil eye on the 7th aspect where Ketu is abiding while Saturn is housed in 5th aspect.Such inflictions are conspiring to create difference between his wife and him and it will resume till May 2013. He ought to arrange \’mangal angarak dosha parihar poojan\’ and then having abandoned his ego and anger, bring his wife back with love, affection and reverence. As per Indian mythology, goddess Lakshmi went to the holy feast arranged in the house of a poor in Jagannath Puri. On her return, lord Vishnu had heaty arguements with her. Consequently, she left lord Vishnu alone till 12 years after cursing him to become poverty-stricken and remain full of grief. During that bereavement, lord Vishnu wandered here and there with unrest and gloom. After 12 years, his wife returned when he ate food at the house of a lower class poor girl. Hence, all women have boon of goddess lakshmi with them that wealth and happiness will bloom only where there woman is respected as per scriptures. A bride enters forth in the house where at the entrance fastoons and swastik are adorned after marriage. So that embodiment of goddess Lakshmi, the bride, would fill the house of the groom with food,wealth and prosperity. So,it is urged to all males that respect females.

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