Astrology for Government Job

Rajeev Prasad(born on 2.11.1979 at 15:32) desires to know the prospective occasion of his marriage & getting government job. As per his horoscope, he ought to get employed in private sector instead of government sector.He is born in Pisces ascendance & the lord of it,i.e. Jupiter, is housed in 6th aspect. He is stricken with \’Guru Chandal Dosha\’ & \’Shani Chandal dosha\’ as well. Mercury is the lord of marriage aspect that is housed in 9th aspect, i.e the enemy sign. There is no possibility of your marriage as that pious time has been passed in 2011. He ought ot arrange \’parihar poojan\’ for eliminating \’guru chandal dosha\’, \’Shani Chandal dosha\’ & Mahakaal poojan also; start feeding yellow rice to any brahmin or poor person & a cow on every Thursday; circumambulate 27 times around a cow. Naresh Kumar(born on 31. 7. 1983 at 1 p.m in Dhariwal, Gurdaspur) wants to know about owing & building his own house through the reference of astrology. As per astrology, his horoscope concludes that such auspicious occasion will begin from 17th April 2013. He ought to enchant \’Hanuman Chalisa\’ 1008 times in Hanuman Temple on every Tuesday; donate the book of \’hanuman chalisa\’ at some religious places. Neeraj Kumar Gupta(born on 23.7.1980 at 3:35 p.m in Ahmedabad, Gujarat) wants to sought out his economical problems via astrology. As per astrology, his horoscope concludes that he is born in scorpion ascendance.Mahadasha of Venus is occuring & it is housed in 7th aspect & rules over 12th aspect. He is inflicted with \’sampoorna surya grahan\’.He ought to worship lord Surya; respect father & feed Jaggery to a cow on every Sunday.Alongside, arrange \’surya grahan dosha parihar poojan\’; feed \’kheer\’ to small girls on every Friday; appease goddess Durga by worshipping her. After following such aforementioned rites, during 2013, he would succeed. All days do not cast their similar spell on every individual. \’Kheer\’ is related to goddess Lakshmi & lord Shukra gets mesmerized when you honour any female or wife, by doing \’kanya poojan\’ & by worshipping any goddess. Scriptures advocate that you will be bestowed with luxuries by appeasing Venus who grants your wish by following the formerly mentioned rites. Therefore, we must take oath not to inflict any woman, wife, husband. Chetan Pandey (born on 13.1.1976 at 3:34 inU.P.) wants astrology based suggestions to choose any profitable business. As per astrological conclusion, he is born under gemini ascendance & his sign is aquarius. Rahu is housed in his 10th aspect which indicates karma while Saturn is casting evil impact that eventually dragging him to frequent failure in business. The business relating to iron, travel & food would be profitable for him. He ought to arrange religious rituals for remediating saturn properly; donate goods relating to lord Shani before commencing any business that has been advised to him.

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