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The word ‘empathy’ refers to similar thinking and feelings. For instance, twins are asked to paint a drawing. They would share the same ideology. As per ‘astrology for future predictions’ based on ‘Vedic astrology’, P.K.Sarna illustrates that our solar system including all planets is in empathy.

This ‘top astrologer’ suggests that imitating your friend’s by wearing a stone on seeing his advancing prosperity would not credit good luck to your account. Astrology for good health advocates for consulting any ‘best astrologer’, such as P.K.Sarna for getting ‘accurate future predictions’. But if it does not exist then a special Horoscope should be made by keeping the favorable numbers as its base via any best astrologer.

According to Astrology for good health, wearing stone of 5th house, 7th house or lagan’s house won’t work out since several factors are considered thoroughly before selecting a suitable stone or gem for a particular wearer.

Astrology for good health guides that the stone or gems should not be worn as per one’s weight since the weight keeps on changing. ‘Vedic astrology’ adheres to the traditional rituals of performing some essential ceremonies and provisions for transforming a stone into pure or sanctified by the power of mantras.

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