Astrology for Getting Government Job

Goswami Tulsidasji has written in the scripture \’Ramcharitmaanas\’, \’काहो न को सब सुख कर दाता निज -निज कर्म सब सुख राता\’ which means karmas decide destiny. Karmas form nakshatra, nakshatra makes rashi and rashi concludes your life. Your excellent karmas have enabled you to be blessed with human body. The coincidence of transformation, wealth, luxuries and prosperity would take place just through auspicious karmas. As saint Bhrigu has said with simplicity, \’भाग्यहीनो भावे नरः\’. It means that misfortune runs along every moment of one\’s life if one had been smeared in sinful acts.\’प्रातःकाल उठ कर रघुनाथा, मात पिता गुरना हे माथा\’ means if your birth-chart interprets exemption from any bane and the aspect of profit, too,is exempted from evil sight of malefics (Saturn and Rahu) then sudden profit or financial gain will fall into your account. On the contrary, despite being born in rich family, your bad karmas such as betting or gambling will ruin your riches gradually. The proud and ego can replace good luck with ill luck. Stability, calmness and dedicated nature towards god can make you fortunate by providing food and every fascility. Inspite of having good wealth, generous acts and continuous worshipping,ill luck can strike to your destiny because of showing disrespect to your parents. Akansha (born on 11.5.1992 at 10:45 p.m. in Sultanpur) is eager to know about her career and government job. Her horoscope briefs that her ascendence is libra and the lord of ascendence is housed in 6th aspect but Venus in the same aspect is indicating good fortune. Solar eclipse (which is the lord of benefits also) as well as evil eye of malefics would put hindrances in the way of wealth and success in anyone\’s destiny.The period till 20th July 2014 will be full of problems for her, hence, it is recommended to beseech lord surya and feed Jaggery to a cow on every Sunday to ensure success and good job.

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