Astrology for Future Life

Mohan (born on 13.11.92 at 8:40 in Nainital, Uttarakhand) wants to know about his future through the reference of astrology. As per astrological conclusions, he is born in gemini ascendance & the similar is his sign. The lord of ascendance is housed in 8th aspect. \’Bhagyaheen dosha\’ is causing trouble to him. Saturn is impacting in the mahadasha of Jupiter retarding career. Saturn is casting its spell in 2nd apect, i.e. family aspect. He ought to smear vermillion at the forehead of lord Shiva\’s idol 27 times on Monday; arrange \’Sri Satya Narayan Katha\’ while summoning goddess lakshmi & god Narayana; do poojan of banana tree afterwards, distribute & have holy prasad. Astrological defect of lord of ascendance is caused due to evil eye of malefics upon ascendance. Inflicted lord of ascendance leads to incurable health disorders since \’lagna\’ stands for \’body\’. \’Lagnadhipati dosha\’ is levied not only by 6th aspect but also through the evil impact of malefics which is negating the beneficial impact of benefic. There are many religious rites and rituals which can be followed to bring relief to lord of ascendance provided pure reverence should be in your heart along with true repentance. Subsequent to such rites as worshipping lord Shiva, goddess Sati or any desired deity, freedom from any severe disease is blessed to you as per scripted scriptures. Planets follow their gochar as per deeds committed by an individual. \’Lagnadhipati dosha\’ outbursts as an outcome of violent act or by causing catastrophe or by looting money of someone else or by taking bribe. The greatest sin ever commmitted by anyone is to inflict others. Donating food or by being benevolent, all planets coincide to shower the greatest boon upon that virtuous person by terminating all his/her problems. No planet inflicts us without any reason. Our uncivilized disposition triggers planets to cast negative spell upon us and thus, we get distressed or deprived of every luxury or comfort in life. Therefore, everyone must take vow against sinful deeds for getting rid of severe diseases as cancer, lungs and heart disorder. Do generous & humane act for leading disease-free life.

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