Astrology for Foreign Travel

Abhinav SHarma (born on 21.1.84 at 2:20 a.m. in Kushinagar) has query relating to possibility of visiting abroad. As per astrology, he has taken birth in scorpion ascendance. Mars has been allied with Saturn in the 12th aspect. Presently, Saturn is impacting in the mahadasha of Jupiter. The inauspicious period will last till 2nd September, 2014 which would be full of failure and complexities. He is inflicted with \’Paap kartari dosha\’. Astrological solutions should be adopted by him as he ought to appease lord Hanuman & lord Shiva; respect parents & elders; serve a cow as well; offer \’bhog\’ made of black pulses to lord Shani on every Saturday after \’Chhaya-daan\’ (donating shadow); put on \’topaz\’ gemstone following to the formerly mentioned rite; & perform remediating poojan for averting the affect of \’Paap Kartari dosha\’. Sandeep (born on 2.1.85 at 10 p.m in Punjab) is hopeful to get astrological solution in order to get blessed with a son. As per astrology, 5th aspect in the horoscope of an individual indicates the possibility of having a son. The sun has occupied 5th aspect ensuring her to be blessed with a son soon. Presently, Jupiter is impacting in the mahadasha of Rahu. \’Shani & Buddha chandal doshas\’ along with \’kaal sirp dosha\’ are acting as barrier on the way of conceiving a son. As per astrology solution, she ought to worship lord Shiva and offer the bhog of \’Kheer\’ on Monday to get exempted from the curse of \’Kaal sirp dosha\’; Feed Kheer to a cow & circumambulate it also on every Thursday and enchant the mantra \’om namah shivaaye\’; arrange parihar poojan to get off the evil impact of \’buddha chandal dosha\’. Khushboo (born on 27.12.92 at 5:45 in Gwaliar) desires to know about her prospective marriage as if it would be love or arranged as well as about the possibility of acquiring government job. According to the norms of astrology, the auspicious position of Mars and Jupiter concludes surety of getting recruited in government job. The lord of ascendance Mercury has made alliance with Rahu. Rahu is the main culprit hurdling the way of arranging love marriage and getting a government job. Astrology solutions reveal that she ought to discharge barley into the flowing water along with a fish sculpted with dough provided that poojan of Rahu has been performed preceding to discharge on Saturday; donate 9 coconuts also for assuring success.

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