Astrology for Financial Problems

Reena Sharma (born on 6. 6. 1973 at 9:15 a.m. in Shillong) has not been able to settle till now despite of attaining higher education. Her birth-chart concludes that she is born in Leo ascendence (lagan). Leo ascendence signifies ruling or commanding nature. Lord of Lagan is the Sun and the same is resembling eclipsed. The sun, Ketu and Saturn are housed in the aspect of profit. Jupiter is strong which has granted her brilliant brain and is also indicating to have an excellent job. ‘Surya-grahan dosha’ and ‘Khada ashtak dosha’ are restricting her to settle. Pour barley and jaggery in water to offer (ark) it to Sun on every Sunday. Wear Ruby after worshipping lord Sun in hora to remove all hindrances in settlement.

Sunil (born on 14.5. 1983 at 6:09 a.m in Himachal) wants to know astrological solutions for restricting the outflow of reserved and earned money. ‘Paap-kartari dosh’ and ‘liability of ancestors’ are inflicting him. Pray to goddess Lakshmi and beseech lord Kuber for eliminating aforementioned inflictions at the bank of any river of flowing water on friday evening, then discharge unboiled milk (1,250 g)and rice(1,250 g) into flowing water. Subsequently, light an earthern lamp before Tulsi plant at home. Feed first chapatti to a cow. Follow these rituals until getting relief.

Vishal (born on 25.5. 1990 at 4:40 Buldana district) desires to know about marriage and owing a house. Before 5th December, 2013 his all desires will be fulfilled but ‘Shani-chandaal dosha’ and ‘poorna kaal sirp dosha’ are putting hurdles in achieving his aim. ‘Shani chandal dosha’ nullifies every effort of an individual. Donate mustard oil weighing equal to his weight in any feast (bhandaara). Save Rs1.25 each day and at the end of every month, purchase spinach with the collected sum to feed a cow for ending ‘shani-chandal dosha’. ‘Shani-chandal dosha’ imposes many inflictions on human being such as ending reserved funds or any other reserves. Its inauspicious impact can be diminished by donating 21 kg black mustard seeds tied in a black cloth at Bhairo temple with reverance.The impact of Bhairo can deuce the bad impact of Rahu. Second ritual is to light a 4 phased lamp made of wheat dough. It should be fueled by mustard oil that can be kept igniting even after 1 hour. You will notice a remarkable positive change in your life.

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