Astrology for Family Issues

Gagandeep (born on 13.12.69 at 12:20 a.m. in Ludhiana) wishes to consult astrological aspects regarding his married life, children & career. According to astrology, he has taken birth in leo ascendance & the sun is impacting in the mahadasha of Jupiter. In 7th aspect, Mars & Rahu are allied together which is the aspect of Saturn that confirms possibility of changes. His horoscope reveals that he is stricken with \’mangal angarak dosha\’, \’kaal sirp dosha\’, \’sampoorna bhagyaheen dosha\’ & saturn has occupied the aspect of destiny. As per astrology based solutions, he ought to offer \’irk\’ to the sun; perform \’rites of vedic astrology\’ to eliminate the aforementioned astrological defects; jaggery is to be served to the cow on Sunday and put on \’ruby\’ gemstone. Virender (born on 23.6.78 between 11:30 & 12 p.m. in U.P.) wants to consider astrology for anticipating his career prospectives & future. As per astrology, his horoscope confirms that he is born in aquarius ascendance & its lord is SAturn which has made alliance with mars in 6th aspect, i.e. the aspect of moon. While residing in the aspect of destiny, Rahu is putting obstacles on the way of career & success. Ketu is impacting in the dasha of Rahu. \’Guru chandal dosha\’ & \’Chandra grahan dosha\’ are inflicting him. Thus, he ought to respect his mother by touching her feet; present a gift to her; while worshipping lord Shiva in the temple on Monday, offer \’bhog\’ along with milk, rice and sweet & donate a silver moon there; Anoint lord Shiva with GAnges water and afterwards, distribute \’prasad\’ among poor; put on \’emerald\’ gemstone; circumambulate a cow 21 times and feed it fodder or spinach equivalent to his weight till 7Wednesdays. Supriya (born on 1.8.85 at 4:40 p.m. in Kanpur, U.P.) wishes to go through astrology norms coinciding either love or arrange marriage. Astrology assures that she would be able to marry wiht the person of her own choice as Jupiter is impacting in the mahadasha of its own while saturn is existing in 5th aspect. Rahu alongside the alliance of Mars with the sun in 8th aspect are putting barriers in the arrangement of love marriage. Therefore, she ought to keep fast on every Thursday till 6 months while summoning lord Narayana; afterward, do poojan of Banana tree by offering turmeric dissolved water while recalling lord Narayana; put on \’coral\’ gemstone and read \’Narayana-kathha\’ also. According to vedic astrology, gochar, dasha, mahadasha & the bad impact of malefics can be retarded by following the requisite religious rites & rituals in order to end the array of complications.

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