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Kausalyan Tripathi (born on 28.8.1986 at 5:15 a.m. in Varanasi) wants to know about his employment prospectives via the guidance of astrology. As per astrological aspects,his horoscope reveals Leo ascendence. There is \’buddhatiya yog\’ and the period till July 2013 is auspicious. Rahu is housed in 8th aspect,i.e. inauspicious. Venus is the lord of business which is inflicting \’Lakshmi Grahan Dosha\’. Thus, he is advised to arrange \’lakshmi dosha parihar poojan\’; feed \’kheer\’ to girls on every Friday; offer aromatic flowers in the feet of goddess Durga; wear ruby and give respect to parents for prosperous and wealthy future. Bhushan(born on 7.5. 1986 at 1:06) wants astrology based tips to prepare for his exams. As per his horoscope, he is inflicted due to \’surya grahan\’ which retards growth and puts on stress. As per astrological solutions, he ought to beseech the sun and respect his father; worship a cow and feed jaggery to it. Mercury is impacting in the mahadasha of Venus. Thus, serve a food to a girl on wednesday and recite \’Durga -chalisa pathh\’ in temple; pour barley, wheat and red sandalwood into the water of a copper mug and offer it to the sun. Soniya (born on 5.2.1978 at 7:15 p.m. in Amritsar) wants astrology based solution to improve her economical condition. Astrology conveys that the time period since October, 2008 has been inauspicious. She is born in Capricorn ascendence and the lord of ascendence, i.e. saturn, is housed in 7th aspect. Mahadasha of 5th aspect is occuring but its lord, venus, has been housed in 12 aspect. Rahu is abided in the aspect of her career. She ought to do \’Vaibhav Lakshmi Pathh\’;visit to temple; keep fast on poornmasi (full moon night); do \’Satyanarayana Kathha\’; recite the mantra \’Om namo Bhagwate Vasudevaaye namah\’and appease lord Narayana by distributing yellow rice among poors. On every full moon night, lord Narayana visits the earth and abducts pain from the lives of devotees.He is very close to lord Shiva as he looses in meditation to admire lord Narayana. That embodiment of lord is regarded as Deity Shiva. Severe circumstances begin to shoot due to greed. Lord Narayana is kind and compassionate who mesmerizes easily via worship and then, he shows us way to enlightment. Be virtuous and devotee to come out of grief. Shivanandan(born on 30.6.1971 at 11;38 p.m. in Ratnaam) wants to take the aid of astrology for improving his economical condition and business. His horoscope reveals that he is inflicted by \’mangal angarak dosha\’ and \’bhagyaheen dosha\’ as his lord of fortune \’Mars\’ is stricken as it has been resided in the aspect of \’wealth\’. Venus is impacting in the mahadasha of Jupiter. Venus is ruling over 3rd (the house of business) and 8th aspects (the house of health). He ought to arrange mangal angarak dosha parihar poojan, till then he ought to recite \’Hanuman Chalisa\’ at least 7 times a day; erect a flag in hanuman temple while worshipping lord Hanuman and also, recite the beej mantra of mangal \’Om kram kreem krom shah bhomaaye namah\’ after smearing a leaf of banyan tree into honey at the worshipping place. Afterward, discharge it in the running water in the evening. Follow this rite at least 41 days continuously.

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