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Neetu was born on 4th January, 1996 at 5 a.m. in Ropar. Any infliction on Jupiter in horoscope causes hurdles in education-field. Jupiter is housed in the 2nd aspect of its own rashi. 5th aspect shows valour in achieving education. Your horoscope has partial defect of ‘Kaal-sirp’ which needs to be treated. Do astrological remedies for appeasing jupiter, Ketu and Rahu can be beneficial. Discharge barley weighing equal to your own weight in the floating water while summoning Rahu and light an earthern lamp for the same deity on Saturday to remove every hurdles from the way of achieving quality education. Follow necessary ritual to eradicate ‘Kaal sirp dosh’ also.

Ashutosh Pandey (born on 25th November, 1979 at 8:55 p.m. in Allahabad, U.P.) wants to know about his job whether it would be in private sector or in government sector. Alliance has been made by mercury (Budh) and the sun(aditya) in 5th aspect and occuring mahaadasha is of jupiter (guru). They are pointing towards the period of success, specifically after September. Follow required rituals to remove ‘Kaal sirp dosha’; discharge barley weighing equal to your weight in the flowing water;offer sweet milk to banyan tree while summoning lord Narayana and circumambulate it 108 times for fulfilling your wish of getting recruited to any government job.

Vijeta shrivastva (born on 13.7.1979 at 12:30 p.m in Ajamgarh, U.P.) wants to know about her career in government sector and the economical condition of her family also needs astrologer’s consultation. As per astrologer’s suggestions, you should tie yellow thread around peepal tree while summoning lord Narayana and afterward, recite the mantra ‘Om gamganapataye namah’ and ‘Om gramgrimshah gurve namah’ and feed yellow rice to any poor for attaining good education.Mars and venus in 6th aspect points towards the possibility of disease and familial troubles. If possible, then arrange ‘Satya-Narayana- katha’ at your house once in a month or donate a cow to establish peace and success in your life discarding restlessness and troubles.

Baljeet Kaur (24.11.1983 at 9:30 a.m. in Anandpur saheb) also wants to confirm about her job in government sector. Her horoscope says that Mars is housed in 10th aspect, Suryagrahan dosha (solar eclipse defect) and guru-chandaal dosha have weakened the lord of ascendence and luck also. Implementation of astological remedies for both dosha(defects) is essential for enjoying good fortune and government job also.

Horoscope of Anureet Kaur (20.10.2005 at 6:40 p.m in Rampura, Punjab) depicts that she is born in Taurus sign (rashi) in Aries ascendant (mesh lagan) and dashaa of her own rashi or character of her sign is occuring now. Saturn in 4th aspect, Rahu in 12th aspect indicates ‘Pitri-dosha’ in her life. Arrange ‘shani-poojan’ before her marriage and follow necessary rituals to remove ‘pitri-dosha’.Feed spinach to a cow on every Wednesday for enhancing her memory power, good health and success. The common remedy for every individual in order to have successful career in any stream of their choice is suggested: Recite ‘Gayatri-mantra’ 108 times while standing at the bank of any river;then, discharge coconut wrapped in white cloth into the flowing water and anoint the sacred water with un-boiled milk.

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