Astrology for Daughters Marriage

7th house in kundali symbolizes marriage-house of any marriageable girl or boy. Saturn (shani)is termed as slow planet due to its gradual moves. The existence of saturn in 7th house,yuti of Venus(shukra) and saturn(shani), parivaar-dasha, 2nd house, 4th house(signifies happiness) and 12th house (signifies relationship) cause delay in marriage. An astrologer examines the position of guru(jupiter), shukra(venus) and chandrama(moon) and check whether the swami(lord) of 7th house is casting severity then, astrological solutions relating to guru(jupiter) are suggested along with the advice of bathing with turmeric, wearing yellow cloth and fasting on thursday by an unmarried girl. Vastu solution like assigning her Vayavya-kona for sleeping and donating yellow food on thursday can also prove worthy. Ghaat, tulsi, peepal and kubha vivah and Mars\’ (mangal) puja and Jupiter\’s (guru) mantra are suggested to negate mangalik dosha in kundali of a girl.A marriagegable boy should offer pure ghee\’s jalebi on tuesday and donate white food or cloth on Friday to avert mangalik-dosha in his kundali. Divorce can be the outcome of 2nd, 4th and 7th house dasha or mahadasha of rahu, sun (surya) or ketu. Arrange marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati to end marital conflicts. 5th house, Saturn(shani) and mars(mangal) are responsible for bearing no child or miscarriage.

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