Astrology for Child Birth

As per astrological believes, child\’s birth depends on parents\’ pancham (5th) bhav, planetary moves, conjunction of planets, Rashi and drishti of male and female planets on them. Each aspect of married couple\’s kundali is inspected by an expert astrologer after knowing their medically proven health and fitness report. The influence of gochar and other planetary impacts are considered thoroughly and then, astrological solutions for getting blessed with male child are suggested such as adorning Gopal-yantra, pleasing Laddu Gopal with milk and food and following sacred rituals for pleasing troubling planets. Frequent miscarriage and having no female child are adverse affects of Rahu,pitri-dosha and yuti of saturn(shani) along with the sun(surya). Astrological measures like helping a conceiving lady or cow voluntary can make you blessed with a female child. Impotency can be the adversity of Kaal-sirp-dosha and pitri-dosha or impact of cruel planets (Mars, Sun, Rahu and their yuti)while resting in 5th house in the kundli of a girl. Adoption of a child can also fulfill your wish of having a child.

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