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The ‘Vedic astrologer’ Mr. P.K.Sarna elucidates that ‘joy and sorrow are the two aspects of the same coin’. Both follow each other. ‘Vedic astrology’ concludes that solar eclipse occurs due to falling of moon in the mid of the sun and the earth. He reveals the scientific fact that the sun is an active ball of fire whose rays are capable of killing germs and harmful microbes in the air. This ‘best astrologer’ guides that the event of solar eclipse is not a scary issue instead it is a celestial process or event. This erudite of ‘astrology’ shares the scientific changes those occur at the time of solar eclipse that the playful monkey acquires muteness and birds stop chirping due to the eternal link between planets with earthly matters.

The above mentioned renowned ‘best astrologer’ Mr. P.K.Sarna has some ‘Vedic Astrology’ related solutions for ‘accurate future predictions’ of the queries given below:

– Amit shradhanand is a native of Delhi who was born on 8/12/78 at 10:35. He wants to be an independent or self reliant business man although he does business in association with his father. The ‘best astrologer’ suggests:

His lagan is in makar rashi while lagnesh is in 8th house.
The dashaa or state of his stars points Brihaspati in Surya’s house.
His Jupiter is of ‘uchcha’ while Chandra or moon is of ‘Neech’.
His Rahu and Ketu are in ‘Mool trikona’ rashi. Whereas his Shukra and Mangal are in their own house.
He can face legal problems, theft, court case and health related threat of diseases.
There is a warning not to be adventurous and consider about your health.
The 7th lord moon is in the mangal house along with 10th star which is good indication for commencing business of sale and purchase of vehicle and house either they may be old or new. There is assurance of profit in it.
Avoid construction business.
– A political activist was born on 3/11/75 in Sonipat and he had been the president of youth wing during college days. Now, his career in politics is showing deterioration. Please advice.

His lagan is libra while lagnesh is in 11th house.
His Surya is found in lagan which confirms his companionship with political leaders and activists.
His Brihaspati is in its own house while Chandrama or moon is lying in lagan which depicts your linkage with people.
As time and Nakshatra change as Shani is pointing towards its shifting to ‘Chalit chart’ that shows contraction of social circle. Your image may be ruined due to intricacies and trickeries by your companions.
Your ‘Antardashaa’ signifies of Ketu which is in Surya’s 12th house. It is a clear indication of warning to be a vigilant and aware. Keep vigil on the trickeries.
Your Ketu is not cooperating. So, be cautious about your health as well as of your family’s health since there is a possible health risk to your wife who may suffer from stomach ache, your child’s education may get affected due to bad health. Your father can face chest pain.
Wear ‘Moonga’ and ‘Pukhraj’.
Do puja of “Ketu”.
Vastu dosha or defects may be the reason of his political career’s deterioration.
– For ‘Astrology’ solution to Kamlesh of Jaipur who wants the best reply from ‘Vedic astrologer’ on the matter of his T-point house location, this best astrologer suggests:

All houses at T-point are not bad. If your house is facing towards northeast, there is no need to worry.
– The ‘Vedic astrologer’ reveals the scientific reason behind not showing palm in the evening that the blood circulation goes slow which is not helpful in ‘accurate future predictions’.

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