Astrology and Marriage

The father of Nitesh (born on 3.2.86 at 1:05 p.m in Maharashtra) has queries regarding his son\’s prospective marriage. As per astrology, he has taken birth in the Taurus ascendance while his sign is scorpion. In 7th aspect, moon mars and saturn have made alliance while Rahu is impacting in the mahadasha of Mercury. The period till 6.7.14 will be full of woes and complexities. \’Kaal sirp dosha\’, \’mangal angarak dosha\’ & \’Vidh yog\’ are striking him badly. As per astrological solutions, he ought to arrange parihar poojan for getting off the strike of \’kaal sirp dosh\’; please saturn & mars via vedic rituals; dispose barley into the flowing water while summoning Rahu via the mantra \’om rang raahve namah\’; dispose an artificial fish made of solder metal into running water. Shashi wants to seek astrological solutions to cope up with the dasha of Ketu by her husband (born on 1.12.65 at 7a.m. in Rajasthan). As per astrology, he is born in scorpion ascendance. Presently, Ketu is impacting in the mahadasha of mercury. He is inflicted with \’surya grahan dosha\’, \’Vish yog\’ & \’buddha chandal dosha\’. As per astrology based solutions, he ought to arrange \’parihar poojan\’ for getting riddance from \’Surya grahan dosha\’ & \’vish-yog\’; enchant \’hridaya strota pathh\’; offer irk to lord Surya and feed \’jaggery\’ to a cow on Sunday; enchant the mantra \’Om bhreem Suryaaye namah\’ and please Ketu via prayer; put on 14 mukhi rudraksha & coral gemstone also but only subsequent to worshipping lord Hanuman. By virtue of holy scripture, Vish -yog is formed by the alliance of moon & saturn. Inclining towards spirituality can help to eliminate \’Vish yog\’ and it can be possible only by worshipping lord Shiva, moon & lord Shani. The boon earned by respecting elders parents and gurus can reverse the evil impact of malefics. Narendra (born on 11.8.81 at 2:20 a.m in Delhi) is anxious to know about settling complications hitting his familial life & business also. As per astrological conclusion, mars is presided in 5th aspect of his horoscope. Since 7.11.2012, he is inflicted with \’surya grahan dosha\’. As per vedic astrology, he ought to appease mars by worshipping it and by donating things lnked to it; donate an artificial replica of lord Surya in the temple; perform \’parihar poojan\’ for getting rid of bad affect of \’Surya grahan\’; put on emerald gemstone and feed jaggery to a cow on every Sunday; appease mercury by reciting its mantra \’om bram breem brom shah buddhaaye namah\’; keep fast on full moon night; pray to please lord Buddha & lord Narayana; donate spinach in a shelter till 7 Wednesdays. Sudheer Kumar (born on 2.2.90 at 10:56 p.m) wants to know the astrological solutions to uplift his business. As per astrology, he has taken birth in scorpion ascendance & its ruling planet is mars. The alliance of mars & saturn is striking him wiht failure and inauspicious apell of destiny. AS per astrological solutions, he ought to enchant \’Hanuman Chalisa\’; worship lord Hanuman on every Tuesday; puton coral gemstone; offer irk to lord Surya; WHile worshipping lord Narayana in a temple, donate a pot containing honey & dried dates in it on full moon night.

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