Astrology and Marriage Issues

Pramila\’s younger sister (born on 31.10.1981 at 11 p.m in Mujaffarnagar, U.P.) is encountering conflicts in her married life so she wants to seek astrological aid. As per her horoscope, she is born in Capricorn ascendance & her sign is Scorpion. She is inflicted with \’sampoorna kaal sirp dosha\’.Moon is existing in low sign and Mars is impacting in the mahadasha of Venus are indicating painfulness. She ought to follow requisite religious rites relating to \’Kaal Sirp Dosha & mars\’; wear coral after summoning lord Hanuman via mantra recitation & havana(fire offering); Keep fast till 21 Mondays and offer buttermilk & 21 quince\’ leaves on which \’Om Namah Shivaaye\’ with diluted turmeric and pomegranate stem will be written; arrange \’gauri-poojan\’ also with profound reverence. Reciting mantra 21 or 51 times negates bad impact of \’vish yog\’. Scriptures advocate worshipping of lord Shiva during that woeful period. Rite is not performed for odd number of days. That\’s why specific number of religious materials like quince leaves, coconut, pathh or poojan are arranged in odd numbers. The transmission of happy married life triggers by goddess Gauri as per astrology. Even right after marriage, Gauri-poojan is arranged since the goddess blesses auspiciousness. Having acquired the blessing of goddess Gauri, human being meets eternity or shiva lok while enjoying the blissful journey of life. Astrology conveys that severe diseases can also be ended by the god and priest or any guru becomes medium to fulfill such desire. An astrologer can do nothing except to show you the path of recovery. Mother of Rohit (born on 24.11.76 at 1045 a.m in Delhi)wants to know about her son\’s marriage via the reference of astrology. As per his horoscope, he is born in capricorn ascendance & the lord of it is Saturn which is housed in 7th aspect. He is inflicted with \’Sirp Yog\’ that are causing problems in his marriage possibility. The alliance of Mercury, the sun & mars in 11th aspect confirms \’pitri-dosha\’. Jupiter is impacting in the mahadasha of mars. The period till 26th July, 2013 is inauspicious to arrange his marriage. He ought to arrange \’shani & gandharva poojan\’; wear sapphire gemstone & 9-mukhi rudraksha; donate things referring to lord Shani. Updesh(born on 26. 4.1976 at 2:03 a.m in Talwada, Hoshiyarpur, Punjab) desires to know astrological solutions to settle down the litigation of forge charges filed by his wife for seeking divorce, alongside, about career as well as remarriage possiblity. As per his horoscope, he is born in capricorn ascendence. Saturn is housed in 7th aspect which is the sign of moon. He is inflicted with \’Guru chandal dosha\’ & \’Surya Grahan\’. Venus is impacting in mahadasha of Ketu. Ketu is famous for creating anxiety and depression. He ought to arrange \’surya grahan dosha parihar poojan\’, \’guru chandal dosha parihar poojan\’ & keep fast on Thursday. He should not take chances to remarry till 13th September, 2013.

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