Astrology and Fame

Saint Bhrigu has elaborated the significance of 12 aspects that comprise to form horoscope under the norms of astrology. He conveyed that 5th and 9th aspects signify fame and reputation since these aspects denote bravery and strength respectively. The influence of the lord of fortune also reveals fame through astrological predictions. Stricken sun or its existence in \’balavastha\’ (childhood) leads to no fame in life.Opposite to it, presence of sun in \’yuva avastha\’ (adulthood) showers unlimited fame upon the individual in whose horoscope the aforementioned situation is found through astrology. The sun favours those who help the needy by rendering cloth, food and other things as charitable deed. Such generosity enhances fame in one\’s life and he becomes as renowned as the sun. But ego and proud can reduce such fame since planetary conditions keep changing. Alongside, the position of Mercury should also be strong for earning fame. The yuti of Mercury and the sun in Aries sign forms \’budhaditya-yog\’ in destiny yet leaving no good influence can be the outcome of malefics. Astrology confirms fame in one\’s destiny whose horocope is free from \’pitri dosha\’ along with strong and beneficial position of the sun. \’Kuldeepak yog\’ is formed due to existing mars in 10th aspect which also assures fame in fate by becoming impressive orator, intellectual person, leader or an actor also. The strong position of both Jupiter (the lord of education) and Venus ensures good luck and fame while weak and inflicted venus and jupiter will reduce self confidence depite having everything in life. Manoj kumar Prasad (born on 24. 7. 1974 at 4:15 a.m.) wants to know astrological solution for earning profit in business. The 10th aspect in horoscope points good business position.As per astrology, the lord of his 10th aspect is Jupiter which is housed in the sign of saturn. Mahadasha of Jupiter is existing which has been started since December, 2009. Since then, his business as well as his economical condition is worsening a bit. \’Khadaastak yog\’ is the astrological defect revealing through his horoscope which indicates indebtedness. As per astrology, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are allied in ascendence to show good business. But saturn and Rahu have put hurdles in the way of profit. \’Sampoorna Kaal sirp dosha\’ is also adding complexities. Such alliance brings sudden fame and downfall as well.It is advised that he should keep fast on every Thursday and pray to lord Narayana, arrange religious rite for appeasing Saturn with pious reverence. Negative aura (Nazar) can lead to loss in business. Those who are undergoing such problem they should put black lentil on their palm and move it through every corner of the business premise on Saturday while summoning lord Bhairo. Offer it to any Peepal tree and light a lamp that does not putoff till 2 hours. Subsequently, establish \’Meru-yantra\’ at your business place that ensures expulsion of negative aura and to gain height in terms of earning profit.

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