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Astrology concludes that stricken or woeful lord of ascendence causes astrological defect. Yuti of Mercury and the sun forms \’Budhaditya Yog\’ which is good as per view of astrology but alliance of the sun and mercury in Aries rashi during occurrence of dasha and antardasha will result in loss of memory power. Stricken saturn due to venus or vice-verse also leads to memory loss as per astrology guidelines. The horoscopes indicating good impact of the sun and Mercury and both, Venus and Saturn, are free from any woe show bright future and progression in terms of education. Therefore, appropriate ritualistic treatment is essential for blessing your child with sharp memory. Atul Kumaer (born on 28.9.1982 at 10:23 p.m. in Rajasthan) has a query regarding ups and downs in his financial condition. The thorough examination of his birth chart concludes defects in terms of Astrology which are \’Sampoorna Kaal sirp dosha\’ due to 8th aspect, lord of asendence is housed in 5th aspect along with the lord of 5th aspect, \’paap kartari dosha\’ and \’bhagyaheen dosha\’. In astrology, collision of one planet with other causes destruction and catastrophe. In his birthchart, Rahu, while existing in 2nd aspect, is conspiring to inflict him with stigma. It may trap him in tension and problems. Mahadasha of saturn is occuring and the time till 4th October, 2014 will be full of complications for him. Arrange poojan to appease lord \’Shani\’ or saturn while enchanting shani mantra and Hanuman chalisa 1,25,000 times in a temple and also, arrange a small holy feast. Bhupinder Singh (born on 19.9.1986 at 4:13 a.m. in Ludhiyana) wants to confirm whether his love marriage will take place or not. As per astrology and his horoscope\’s conclusion, he is inflicted with \’surya and chandra grahan\’, \’budha chaandaal dosha\’ , \’sampoorna kaal sirp dosha\’ and all benefics are stricken then it seems impossible to do love marriage. He should treat these astrological defects through holy rituals. It is advised to worship lord \’Ketu\’ also and arrange havan (burnt offering) on Monday after reciting Shiva Chalisa 31,000 times.

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