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Best Astrologer P.K.Sarna discloses about Astrology and Career. He confirms that planets decide the career of a person. People in army and police are affected by the planet mars; writers and poets are affected by the moon, businessmen by mercury and people in art by Venus as per astrology and career.

According to astrology, career has been fixed during the time of conceiving but not at birth time. ‘Vedic Astrology’ predicts that it is the child in womb who chooses his/her career.

As per astrology for kitchen & direction for toilet, the former should have its location in the southeast instead of constructing toilet. The latter there can lead to quarrels, surgeries and accidents etc. as per astrology solutions regarding direction for toilet.

Astrology for electrical appliances requires installation of heaters, gadgets, oven etc. in the southeast instead of northeast corner of the house.

The rules of ‘Vedic astrology’ warn that palmistry should not be done after sunset. Astrologer P.K.Sarna warns that palms should not be shown to varied people. According to palmistry, pink colored hands are the best from careers’ point of view. The yellow colored hands depict health related threat of disorders or diseases whereas whitish hands cast the impact of negativity as per palmistry.

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